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Ireland’s leading professional provider of water purification systems.

 We at Natures Water Ltd pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of water treatment equipment at the best value to the customer. Knowledge, Service and Affordability are the 3 main areas we will not be beaten on.  We provide a nationwide supply and installation service. Some items can be purchased direct to you from our online shop for your convenience.

Our dedicated team of Office and Field staff are all professionally trained in the areas of which they work to ensure you get the best system for your water and the highest standards of Installation.


Our aim is to establish the exact requirement you have for your water treatment needs and then advise you on the optimum water filter options available for your requirements. We have partnered Accredited Laboratories that facilitate water analysis tests when required.

We use Irish equipment and parts always where it is possible, and certainly only ever use 100% NSF and/or WRAS Approved parts to ensure highest and safest standards at all times .

Client Testimonials

Mary Roche, Bandon Co Cork
Mary Roche, Bandon Co Cork
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Iron, Manganese and Lime remover:
I recently contact Natures water as I was having a serious issue with brown staining throughout my house which was destroying my newly installed bathroom sanitary ware. The first thing they advised me to do was to get the raw water tested which they were able to send me a sterile bottle and arrange the full County Council water test which was carried out by an independent accredited laboratory. Within 10 working days I had a full analysis emailed to me and found I had iron at 8 times the limit along with manganese, lime and Coliforms. Nature’s water were able to talk me through every detail on the water test report and assured me that all of the parameters that were outside the MAC EU value could be fixed. Within 4 days their engineer arrived and installed the whole house water filter system along with a reverse osmosis system under my kitchen sink. All of the equipment they used was both NSF and WRAS approved which made me feel very comfortable in knowing I was getting the best equipment and at a price I could afford. After system was installed I noticed many other benefits other than the brown staining which I thought was the only issue the water was causing. Some of these benefits included no more limescale build up on my shower doors, softer hair and skin and we had ne bad taste and odours in our drinking water meaning we didn’t have to buy expensive bottled water anymore.
Karen O Reilly, Navan
Karen O Reilly, Navan
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Clack Water Softener:
Thank you Nature’s Water you have given the O Reilly family in Navan crystal clear water with no limescale at a price we could easily afford. We have just had a clack water softener and drinking water system fitted in our home of 2 adults and 3 children and we cannot believe the difference this has made. I would normally spend every Saturday morning scrubbing shower doors, sinks and every other appliance where I could see visible damage that was caused from the limescale. Now that I have my new water softener I can spend my Saturday mornings doing things I really want to do. It was originally my hairdresser that recommended Natures Water as she could see the damage that limescale was doing to my hair (green hair and split ends). Since having the system fitted not only my hair has improved dramatically but also my skin feels much smoother. Had I known about this system I would have had it installed years ago when the kids were younger as everyone in the house had seen massive improvement with no more dry skin.
Angela Doherty, Donegal
Angela Doherty, Donegal
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Chemical removal system:
We had a system installed recently by Nature’s Water who came recommended to us by my sister who lives in Galway. We live in Donegal and the water is riddled with chemicals that I certainly do not want in my water. My sister originally got her system because she was suffering from itchy skin which she reckoned was been caused by too much chlorine in the water or limescale. She had the whole house Clack water softener and Filtercal chemical removal system and noticed a big improvement in her skin within days of using the system. My issue was chemicals such as chlorine, THM’s, heavy metals and bio plastics. As I don’t have hard water in my area I only had them install the chemical removal system along with a reverse osmosis system and now we have a perfect water supply for both drinking and bathing.
Dublin 15
Dublin 15
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Water Softener:
I would like to thank all the staff in Natures water for a great experience when purchasing our water filter system. From the moment I contacted this company after contacting several others I knew I was dealing with professionals. I had the Filtercal water softener installed as we wanted to stop limescale damage but didn’t like the idea of adding salt to our water to do this. The filtercal system has stopped the build up of limescale in all my appliances and cleaning my shower door is done with a wipe of a cloth. We were really attracted to this system as we do not waste any water with backwashes and`we don’ t have to store heavy bags of salt that are polluting our environment.

What do you want to remove from your water?


The damage that hard water causes to our appliances is something that can be solved quite easily by installing a Clack Water Softener system or a Filtercal Limescale eco friendly salt-free scale stopping system.


The most controversial of all the chemicals inserted into our drinking water is Fluoride. In some countries Fluoride is classed as a poison! Our Irish Model Reverse Osmosis drinking water system will remove fluoride.

Chlorine,Chemical, THM'S ,Microplastics, Lead

Chlorine,Trihalimethanes aka THM’s, Microplastics, Lead, heavy metals and other chemicals have been present in our water causing great concern for showering and bathing. Our Filtercal Carbon wholehouse system will remove them from your water.

iron & Manganes

Whether it’s the yellow, brown, red, black or discoloured staining that high iron and manganese causes on pipework, household appliances and surfaces, the cry for a solution is the same. We can remove it from your water once and for all.

Total Coliforms, e-coil, Cryptosporidium

Receiving back a water analysis (hyperlink to water test page) that shows the presence of enterococci, e-coli, cryptosporidium or a form of total coliform bacteria can be a frightful and worrying experience. We solve this issue the best and most sustainable way to give you piece of mind.

You want to remove something in your water not listed above? Click here and let us know, we will get back to you with the optimum solution.

Companies We Work With

We supply and install commercially also, solving the water treatment issue for everyone from large to small. Our client portfolio includes every area from hospitals, schools, gyms, offices, big companies and groups , sporting clubs , government agencies. If you are a business and would like a quotation, Click here , and let us know your requirements and we will advise on the best solution for you.

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Nature’s Water Ltd. is a market leader in water treatment in Ireland.We have been helping families all over Ireland with water treatment issues for the past 30 years. The reliability and top quality of both product and service that Nature’s Water Ltd. provides is the reason plumbers, hardware stores and the general public always want to use the Nature’s Water Ltd. brand.

They know the quality, they know the service. The people who deal with water filtration equipment the most, the plumbers of Ireland, mostly use our brand for water treatment services. 

Why is this? It’s simple, the confidence in installing a water treatment system they can trust. 

From whole house water treatment, drinking water filtering, water analysis and all other water treatments; we guarantee to provide the right system for you. 

FilterCal water filter system removes chlorine THM's chemicals

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If you require high quality water treatment systems in Ireland, Nature’s Water Ltd. is your premier choice. Don’t hesitate to contact us now for more information, advice or a quote click here.

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