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Why ph level of water matters for safe drinking?

Why ph level of water matters for safe drinking?

As ordinary people, we never bother to know about the ph level of water. But the doctors and scientists always keep check and balance for maintaining the ph of water. Why ph level of water matters for safe drinking? Why does the bottled water emphasize on the ph of water? Let’s explore with us. 

The ph level of water 

You might have read or familiar with this term if you have been a chemistry student. In any solution, the ph level of water measures the hydrogen ions concentration. Ph level maintained at 7.0 considered good for humans to consume. One more thing that is worth considering here is that if the hydrogen ion concentration is lower than water will be basic with high ph-value.

On the contrary, if the hydrogen ion concentration is higher, then the ph value will be lower. And, the lower ph value makes the water acidic. There are many reasons which highlight the side effects of acidic water consumption by humans. Acidic water exposes the water to minerals and metals such as copper, zinc, and manganese. These metals can poison a human body and also has a bland taste. So, here you might have got a basic understanding of why the ph level of water matters for safe drinking?

Comparison of bottled water and tap water regarding ph value 

The bottled water claims of considering the ph level of water and maintaining it to the value of 5 to 8. The standard ph level of water is 6.5 to 8.5. And as the bottled water maintain the ph level of water up to 5 to 8 so it does not mark any healthy or unhealthy impact on the human body. Even the human blood remains at 7.5 ph value. If the blood ph value is too alkaline and too acidic, then it can provide harm to your kidneys and overall body to a great extent. The bottled water claiming the ph level of water to the value eight does not mean it provides additional health benefits. So, stay balanced and use a neutral ph value of water. 

The tap water with the ph value seven considered safe for drinking purposes. There are many factors which bring fluctuations in the tap water regarding the acidic and alkaline nature. It is because of bedrock composition where water stays for most of the time and then walk through the rocks into the public water supplies and pipes. Moreover, other natural and environmental factors such as plants also affect the ph level of water. The CO2 released by plants interacts with the water and makes it acidic, which exposes the human body to many harmful effects. So, we can say that the ph level of bottled water gets less affected by environmental factors as compared to tap water. 


The neutralized ph value of water is crucial for safe drinking water. Moreover, for the optimal human growth and reproduction, the less acidic water matters a lot. Not only the humans but also the other living organism get affected by the low ph value of water. The lakes and additional water providing resources gets affected by the low ph value of water and starts emitting the toxic and harmful components. Different plant nutrients such as ammonia, metal traces, phosphate, and iron also get affected because of the low ph value of water. So overall, it is essential to know the ph level of water matters for safe drinking and plant and animal survivability and growth. 

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