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Why is Sea Water Salty?

Why is Sea Water Salty? || Natures Water LTD

Water is one of the greatest blessings of God that we have been showered with. We need water in order to survive, to work in a home, and for million other uses that we can’t describe in just two or three sentences. It’s imperative that we take care of how we use this blessing instead of misusing it. We should take care that we don’t waste water and help others who don’t have it in their homes. Because only the people who have a sufficient amount of water in their homes will not even know how to live without water if the water supply was turned off for them even for one day.

Water makes up about two-thirds of the surface of the water and out of that, 97% is salty seawater. Only 3% water of our planet is fresh while 2% is trapped, meaning it’s frozen in solids, ice caps, and glaciers. This means that we have only 1% fresh, liquid water in lakes, streams, and rivers. This freshwater has a major role in informing us why the seawater is salty.

The salt found in the sea is primarily caused by the mineral ions as a result of rain from land into the water. The rainwater dissolves into the carbon dioxide found in the air. This carbon dioxide makes the water acidic. When it rains, rocks harden and release mineral salts separating into ions which are passed with runoff water. These ions reach the ocean one way or another. Sodium and chloride are the crucial elements of a different type of salt which we use in everyday cooking. This makes up about 90% of the ions present in seawater. Moreover, about 3.5% of the sea water’s weight emerges from dissolved salts.

Some of these minerals ions are consumed by marine plants and animals. In this way, these ions are removed from the water. The minerals that are left build up in concentration throughout the years. The hydrothermal vents and volcanoes found underwater release salts on the seabed and that’s how we find salts in the ocean.

The isolated bodies in water can become hypersaline, or extra salty, through evaporation. One such example is the Dead Sea. The high amounts of salt in the water increases the density of water. This is why people can easily float in that sea rather than floating in the ocean.

Salt coming from below the earth’s surface

You may think that surface runoff water and rivers are the only source you can find dissolved salts in. Well, that’s not really right. Hydrothermal vents have recently been discovered on the top of the oceanic ridges who play a major part in dissolving the minerals into the oceans. Moreover, these vents act as an exit area on the floor of the ocean. From here, the seawater that leaches into the rocks found in the ocean crust becomes hotter and dissolves the minerals from that oceanic crust. The seawater then streams back into the ocean.

When hot water flows, dissolved minerals also come. As a result, the total of hydrothermal fluids flows from these vents depicting that the absolute volume of these oceans could go through the crust of the ocean in around 10 hundred years. Hence, this procedure leaves a very significant impact on salinity. Then, the reactions between the oceanic basalt and seawater are two-way, but a certain amount of dissolved salts oxidize with the rock, thus, being removed from seawater.

Another process from which salts come into the oceans is known as submarine volcanism when volcanoes erupt underwater. Where this is just like the process we discussed previously, in this, seawater reacts with hot rock which in turn dissolves particular mineral constituents, thus making the ocean water salty.


Where you may think that this salty water is too salty and we cannot use it for drinking or cooking purposes at home, there are a lot of other uses where this water comes in handy. Since the seawater is salty, its uses are limited but still very useful. Saline water can be used for cooling thermoelectric power plants. Another use of saline water is that people use it for industrial and mining purposes.

Some people may think at first that salty water is of no use and may not take it as a blessing, but in actuality, its profound uses are the major support in your everyday life and can help you in some particular but effective ways. The minerals found in salty water are highly beneficial and help in combating skin infections, bacteria that cause acne and also speeds up the process of healing in a human body. Some minerals found in that salt like calcium, potassium, and magnesium are all great minerals for your skin and help your skin in clearing up. You can always make the most out of everything life has bestowed upon you and make your life easier and better.

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