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Which water filtration system removes all the contaminants?

Which water filtration system removes all the contaminants?

The different water filtration systems used for cleaning water for various purposes. Out of all the water filtration purposes, accessible drinking water is the primary concern. We can comprise the washing clothes water, or water for other purposes such as cleaning the aquariums and agriculture irrigation. But for drinking and bathing, clean water is the basic necessity of every human. Have you ever heard of all in one water filtration system? Which water filtration system removes all the contaminants?

FilterCal Carbon System

FilterCal Carbon system is a water filtration system using activated carbon bed to remove impurities through absorption. Absorption by carbon filtering traps the pollutants inside the pore structure of a carbon substrate. These effective carbon filtration systems remove microplastics, lead, pesticides, heavy metals, sediments, herbicides, and copper. Here we think you got the answer to the question, Which water filtration system removes all the contaminants? Now we are going to reveal more benefits of the FilterCal Carbon System. 

Miracles of FilterCal Carbon System

Whether the group water schemes or main water, this water filtration system is valid for both. Water coming from these sources always treated with the addition of chemicals. The water on the route of main water supply pipes after leaving the processing plant carries with it the many contaminants. It includes herbicides, THMs, pesticides, and also the copper and lead type heavy metals. Local treatment plants have shown the results of being contaminated with antibiotics and hormones. All of these water pollution issues handled by the FilterCal Carbon system. The main reason behind its ultimate water filtration is its massive area, which increases the contact time of the FilterCal carbon system with water. The more the water flows through it, the more it cleans it to a great extent. 

Moreover, unlike other water filtration systems, it is best to remove the bad odor of water. So, drink more and stay hydrated. Not only drinking even the showering also gives a fresh feel if you have FilterCal Carbon water filtration systems installed in your homes. 


Another reason behind the FilterCal Carbon system’s ultimate water filtration is its accuracy. Each carbon filter typically gave a micron rating that specifies the size of the particle. After determining the size, the water filter also removes it. The range of particle size which the FilterCal Carbon system can remove between the range of 0.5-50 μm. Two things contribute to the efficacy of carbon filters. The one is the flow rate of the fluid, and the second one is the particle size. For example, the slower the flow rate of fluid, the more it will remain in the filterCal Carbon filtration system, and there will be no purities left in water. 

Activated Carbon can be hazardous to health sometimes, as while absorbing harmful materials, it becomes dangerous for health. Therefore, it’s drainage should also be scheduled regularly to prevent it from reaching toxic levels.

Easy installation 

The carbon filter installed before the water softener. It extends the life of the softener by removing chlorine before the softener and makes for high clean water throughout the home. Its installation process is simple and effective. If you have a massive area to cover for water filtration, then it is one of the best choices. If you have the limescale problem in Ireland, then contact Nature’s water LTD. We provide electronic water softener and FilterCal Carbon limescale systems to solve the limescale problems. Resolve Irish water treatment issues with the latest pieces of equipment and safe methods. We provide high-quality water analysis and treatment. Boiling water alone is not enough, so filter water and filter your body from various diseases. We provide the best installation of Distillation and reverse osmosis filtration. Contact Us:


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