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Which one is best in salt-based and salt-less water softeners?

Which one is best in salt-based and salt-less water softeners?

We all are well aware of the poor performance of hard water as compared to soft water. Because of the dissolved concentration of minerals, hard water leads to an increase in plumbing cost, detergents, and affect the skin. Moreover, for drinking purposes, safe soft water recommended in many types of research. The consumption of hard water for drinking purposes can lead to reproductive failure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and neural diseases. So, there is a need for water softeners for the removal of magnesium and calcium ions from the water. All the water softeners available in the market replaces magnesium and calcium ions with potassium and sodium ions. This replacement makes the hard water change to soft water. There are two different types of water softeners, salt-based, and salt- free water softeners. Let’s start a debate on which one is best in salt-based and salt-less water softeners? 

Working process of salt-based water softeners 

 The water softener replaces the hardness creating minerals from water by utilizing the polymer resin bed. It follows the ion exchange strategy for the removal of calcium and magnesium with the sodium particle. The salt-based water softener is useful to the extent that if there are 10 gallons/ grains, it will transform to 0 gallons and grains. Water test result after passing it through salt-based water softener shows extra-ordinary results. 

The structure of the salt-based water softener comprised of an electronic meter valve on the top of the fiber resin tank. The meter shows the passing of water by the gallon and follows up it by the cleaning cycle. Ion-resin bed smart enough to regulate this process of transforming the hard water into soft water until a saturation point comes. The valving cycle not only controls the flow of water but also pushes back the plunges extracted from the hard water to the drain line making the water free from all the dissolved minerals. The electronic meter valve cycle takes into account the sodium and replenishes it for creating a continuous water softener cycle. 

Working of salt-less water softeners 

The salt-free water softeners are different from salt-based water because they do not follow the strategy of eradicating the minerals from hard water. They make the water soft and takes the crystals on the surface. This process of water softening known as descaling treatment or the water conditioners. 

The actual working process of salt-less water softeners based on the physical process. It utilizes the catalytic media to process water following the template-assisted crystallization. The crystallization process converts the minerals into hardness crystals difficult for surfaces to bind. It is water conditioning, not the water softening because of no removal of hardness minerals. The other difference between them both is that salt-less water softeners do not require any electronic valve because it does not regulate water through the cleaning cycle. It only makes the hardness crystals to stay on the surface. Moreover, the water test conducted shows results that 10 grains/ gallons remain the same because minerals are still there. 


The above discussion conducted above for the question. Which one is best in salt-based and salt-less water softeners? Declares that both soften the water, but one softens the water to the ultimate goal, and that is reliability and safety. The salt-based water softener makes the water so clean and safe that you will notice a clear difference in water taste and odor. It also makes more soap bubbles, which means less consumption of soap and detergent. You will even see a clear difference in your plumbing pipes and clean. Both will look cleaner. It also leaves a good impact on skin moisturizing it and making it less vulnerable to dryness. 

Contrary to the benefits mentioned above, the salt-less water softeners do not provide these advantages and also shows the minerals on the surface. But still, it is too good to some extent like clothes and pipes will be less dirty but not match the level of salt-based water softeners. 

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