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Which one is best in reverse osmosis and distillation?

Which one is best in reverse osmosis and distillation?

Tap water is not safe. We should make efforts to make it safe. In our recent article, we highlighted the alarming realities of tap water chemicals. Tap water contains chemicals such as barium, fluoride, radium, manganese, copper, and lead. The excess usage of these chemicals leads to serious health problems related to the kidney and liver. Here we will explain how reverse osmosis and Distillation helps in filtering tap water. We will also make a comparison regarding Which one is best in reverse osmosis and Distillation?

Reverse osmosis 

Is it healthy to drink the water after completion of the reverse osmosis process? The reverse osmosis process work by passing water through the semi-permeable membrane with force. It leaves the chemicals such as chlorine and aluminum behind and makes the water ready to drink in the water tank. The addition of sediments and carbon filters with the RO filtration process removes contaminants up to 98%. We recommend you to drink the tap water after checking the water quality through color disk kits, water strips, and digital instruments. It is because the human eye is unable to see the microorganisms and dissolved chemicals such as chlorine. Water after reverse osmosis process must accomplish the chemical water quality parameters. It completes when the proper identification of chlorine, fluoride, TDHMS, arsenic, nitrate, and magnese found from water. The water with fewer traces of these chemicals is drinkable but try to make it free from chemicals. As the less chemical traces, the more will your health will be ensured. 

Distillation process 

Like reverse osmosis process, the Distillation process also filters tap water with utmost accuracy. Unlike the RO process, it filters the water through the evaporation process. The process works like this that there is a condensing coil over a heating element that boils the water and then passes it to the water supply after cooling. It is one of the oldest and most reliable methods to purify water from inorganic compounds nuisance particles, lead, and nitrate. The distillation process gets complete in the distillation unit. So, it requires cost and maintenance. 

One crucial precaution for the distillation process 

The distillation process must be completed with care. Like the organic compounds having lower boiling pint than must remove from water before the condensation process. If it not done like this, then it can again contaminate the water. 

Checking the quality of distilled water 

It is essential to check the quality of water by using the ph meter. The conductivity meter and TDS also help in checking the chemical parameters in water. The results showing points of 0 and 1.0 are according to the criteria of distilled water otherwise not. 

Difference between reverse osmosis and distillation process

The only Difference we found for both the filtration processes is that the RO process removes chemicals with 98% accuracy. And the distillation process is unable to remove the organic compounds that have a low boiling point. It is also not able to remove chlorine from water, which is alarming for drinking water. Although the distillation process is weak to remove the organic compounds, it eliminates impurities a little bit more than the RO filtration process. But still, we would say RO is a bit better process than the distillation process because of the removal of chlorine and fluoride from the water with accuracy. 


Although we have declared the RO filtration process a little bit better than the Distillation, still, we will say it depends on the level of water. The places where there are no chances of added chlorine, Distillation works perfectly. And in other cases, where there lead, chlorine and fluoride are added in higher ratio; there, we should use the RP process. So, both of them are good; there is a need to identify the requirements accurately and then choose one of them for tap water filtration. 

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