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Where to Buy Distilled Water?

Do you want distilled water and you are stuck at home? It’s alright, your situation doesn’t sound as bad as you think it does. If you want distilled water, then you can easily make it with a few basic cookware in your home. But first, let’s get to know what distilled water is. We can say that it’s a more advanced form of purified water. But, purified water is comparatively expensive and a bit difficult to make at home. However, you can easily make distilled water at home and it’s cheaper too. What else do you need, right? Purified water meets all the classification requirements.

In 10ppm, there are millions of dissolved solids, also known as contaminants. Unlike purified water, the process of making distilled water is simple and convenient for anybody. All you have to do is heat tap water till it’s in vaporized form. When that vapor will condense back to the water, the mineral residue will be left behind. As a result, the condensed liquid will be formed known as distilled water.

Now if you are thinking that distilled water is good for not then yes, it is. However, you may not like its taste because maybe you are not habitual of drinking it. The taste doesn’t have the flavor that bottled and tap waters have and it’s flatter. Companies make distilled water as well. They boil water and then condense the stored steam right into a liquid. The process gets rid of all the minerals and impurities from the water easily.

Some people say that if you drink distilled water, your body will be detoxified and you will see significant improvement in your health as well. Other sources claim that distilled waters filter out minerals from your body which can be risky for your health. But let’s be honest, these claims are not entirely true.

Pros and Cons of Distilled Water 

Apart from the flat taste of distilled water, it does not supply you with minerals such as magnesium and calcium that tap water provides you.

Since there aren’t any minerals in distilled water, it tends to pull the minerals from wherever it reaches so that a balance is maintained. So, when you start drinking distilled water, you may notice that minerals leave your body in small amounts, like from your teeth as well.

Since you acquire a major portion of minerals from the food you eat, drinking distilled water does not mean that it will make you deficient. But, if you have decided to drink it then it’s a great idea to ensure that you eat the recommended fruits and vegetables daily to maintain a healthy life balance and don’t suffer from any deficiency. Where people may take such things lightly, you should understand that your health matters the most and you should do all that you can to restore the balance if you have lost it. With everything, comes pros and cons and so distilled water has its share of it too. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where distilled water does not have harmful chemicals, then you are good to go.

Depending on your residence, drinking distilled water is better for you as compared to tap water. If the water of your town has pesticides or harmful chemicals, then it’s safer for you to stick to distilled water. You know it’s always safer than sorry. However, if you store it for a longer period then it will cause trouble for you. Distilled water leaches minerals from anything it touches. Do you know what this means? It means that it tends to absorb the traces of plastic of any substance that is found in the container you are storing the distilled water in. So, you should drink it when you make it.

What is the Difference between Distilled and Purified Water? 

Where distilled water removes minerals and contaminants, purified water removes contaminants and chemicals, but it still contains minerals. There are a few processes to filter purified water such as reverse osmosis that removes impurities and salts, a distillation that boils the water condensing the steam into a liquid and removes minerals and impurities, and deionization that removes mineral ions and salt from water.

Where is Distilled Water Used? 

Since distilled water filters out minerals, it is mostly used in household appliances and cars. It is also used for watering plants, laboratory experiments, steams irons, aquariums, and certain medications, etc.

Where to Buy Distilled Water? 

You can shop for both kinds of water online for your convenience and ease. Distilled water does not improve your health dramatically, but it does not hurt you either. If you are okay with the taste and you have a healthy and well-balanced diet, then it is fine to switch to distilled water. If you want to buy distilled water, you should get it from somewhere that offers car accessories such as Halfords. You can find it at pharmacies or from the local grocery store. Distilled water can also be found at the babies’ portion in the supermarket and also at your nearest health food store.


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