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Right way to water houseplants

What is the right way to water houseplants

Houseplants are a total joy to keep and can immediately a pop of color to your house. Keeping houseplants in your house uplifts your mood and helps increase healthy recoveries but what is the right way to water houseplants? Houseplants reportedly increase air quality in the building or room where they are kept. NASA has done extensive study to find that plants “provide nourishment for the body when eaten as food, and they improve the quality of indoor air. Plants take the carbon dioxide from air to produce oxygen that humans can breathe.”

House plants are a great source of health and happiness can be a little tricky to keep. Since their soil, water and temperature needs are very different from outdoor plants, it’s a challenge to keep them alive. When it comes to watering houseplants, it can get really tricky and can be a deciding factor if your plant will live or die. This articles ensures that you don’t kill your plants by giving them water that doesn’t suit their needs. So what are the factors that you should consider while watering houseplants?

Avoid Hard Water

Mineral are good for your plants but with the abundance of them can prove to be bad for your plants. Hard water contains extra minerals that are not “Plant friendly “and will damage your plant’s roots over time.

Avoid Soft Water

When you read that you should avoid hard water, the next instinct would’ve been to use soft water. Well, that’s also not good for your plants. Why? Because water softeners contain large amounts of salts and sodium which can damage your plants’ foliage and roots as well. Although people use Epsom salt to encourage rose growth but it is not proved anywhere. To be on the safe side, avoid extra salt for your plants.

Manage Water PH

“Avoid hard water, avoid soft water, What to do then? What is the right way to water houseplants?”. Legit Questions. Managing the PH of the water that you feed your plants is very important. Too Acidic and your plant will die. You can use a PH meter to see the status of your soil and then managing a normal PH.


One very great way to water your outdoor and indoor plants is rain water. You can store rain water to use on your indoor plants. You can collect rainwater in larger buckets and keep them inside to attain room temperature. Make sure to clean the buckets before putting them out to collect rainwater to avoid accumulation of excess materials.

Distilled Water

Using distilled or water bottle is the second perfect source to water the houseplants. Even though it is a great source, it is also very expensive if you have large number of houseplants. To cut the cost but still provide quality water to your plants, you can filter the tap water available to you.


Before over-watering your plants out of love, you might want to consider this factor. Temperature is a deciding factor when it comes to watering your plants. Winter is a dormant period for most of the houseplants. Most plants can go through the whole winter without thorough watering. While in summers, plants need frequent watering.

Drainage holes

Drainage holes are like the openings through which soul enters your plants. When you close them, you deprive your plants of a soul. If you have done the grave mistake of putting your plant directly in a pot without a drainage hole, take them out immediately. If your plant’s pot is sitting in another pot which has n drainage hole, then empty it out often to avoid water accumulation.

Potting Soil

Potting soil decides how quickly water drains from the soil. Having a porous soil mix is great for indoor plants so the plant doesn’t have to go through root rot because of excess water. Ensure that the soil not be too porous so as to not retain any water for the roots.


Now that you know the plants can die of over watering, be sure to take care of it. This article is a great start to know what is the right way to water houseplants. Houseplants often come with care cards but if they don’t, you can always search them up. Study your plants, get to know their behavior and what spot they prefer in your house. Don’t expect to know everything from the articles, decide what works best for your plants on hit and trial basis. Don’t be afraid to experiment with soil and sunlight intake and watering.

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