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Water filtration hacks you should know before camping

Water filtration hacks you should know before camping

Camping has numerous attractions for the people. It brings us near to nature and purity. A little time you can spend with all natural environments, learn some things about nature and civilization. Human transformed the lifestyle from living in the jungles and coming to cities. One of the core challenges people have to face with camping is the water filtration. It is impossible to carry enough filtered water or plant water purification systems throughout camping site. There should be a middle way of managing things and that is personalized filtration hacks.

It is not impossible for you to filter water at the camping site. In rare chances, it is possible to get the pure and drinkable water in a natural environment. For us it seems difficult to drink the non-filter water because we do not have tolerance for it. Filtering the water to use makes it easy to survive in a natural and non-luxury environment. Here are some hacks that everyone needs to know before camping:

Boil it well

Boiling water is one of the common and popular hacks that everyone knows. There is nothing new or difficult in it. When you are camping at the countryside, you are definitely carrying some of the basic utensils and fire system. It is enough for you to boil the fresh water to make it drinkable. Just make sure you are boiling it for enough time and let it cool at a safe place to drink.

Use iodine or chlorine tablets

If you consider boiling as mess when you do have another space saving and effective hack. It is one of the common and preferably used by the Water purification systems and that is use of chlorine or iodine. You can find out water purification tablets made of iodine or chlorine easily from the chemist or any other store. Carrying these tablets eliminate the requirement of utensils or fire system. Just put the tablet in water bottle directly and let it sit for almost 60 minutes. Afterwards, water is safe to consume. For further instructions or guidelines you can simply consult the instruction manual comes with the purification tablets.

Get the UV light purification kits

UV light seems dangerous for human skin and body but at the same time, it helps us for the survival. The light have tendency to disrupt the DNA of the virus, bacteria, and protozoa in the water. It can even eliminate all the elements that are dangerous and cannot be seen. There are UV light Water purification systems commonly available in the market. These systems works as smart kits that you can carry easily anywhere with you to purify water. The use is harmless and simple. Just turn on the device and wait for the indication. When it is ready to use you will be notified light. Now stir the pen shaped device in the water bottle or container and wait until it is done. After removing all the impurities, it will turn off automatically.

Carry instant Water purification systems

Other than tablets or UV light kit, you do have a number of compact Water purification systems available in the marketplace. These handy, easy to use and proven filters fix in your luggage and help you a lot. The best thing about these kits is not energy required and you do not have to wait. Using these small kits, you will be able to consume water immediately easily. It is convenient to get the travel water filtration kit in the form of a bottle, straw and even a bag that separates impurities from water in a go.

Hacks never works for all situations

Remember, these all hacks are proven and workable but not in all cases. The filters, kits and tablets do have their own limitations. To deal with the saltwater, you need to go with the boiling method only. By boiling the saltwater, you will be able to kill bacteria and remove slat from it. Similarly, the kits do have restrictions to work for the specific water types. It is better to study about the water resources and type of the camping area. When you know the water composition in that area it will be easy to carry the suitable kit with you.

Never fall into the trap of organic filtration

You may hear about the organic Water purification systems hacks online for camping. Using grass, rocks, soil and other stuff to make water consumable does not sound nice. These all are just the ideas not a certified option at all. Remember to try these hacks in your personalized space for once before relying on them. Otherwise, even testing them can be dangerous for you. There is not scientific theory behind the efficiency of these hacks at all. Putting yourself to risk on camping is not a good idea at all.

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