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Water Disruption Notice

Water Disruption Notice in Dublin Ireland

Nowadays, we hear stories about the water crisis almost every day. The water company in your area is usually responsible to supply water to your homes or businesses. Even though the blessing of water is highly precious, we often take it for granted. And end up wasting it more than we actually use it. So, when sometimes the water service gets interrupted for some time due to repairs or an emergency. This emergency can be a lot of things. The main water pipe can burst, temperature fluctuations can affect the flow of water, and corrosion, etc. When such an emergency occurs, you may get compensation for that. Water Disruption Notice in Dublin Ireland. Best Water Filters for a whole house in Ireland.

Water Supply – Planned Interruptions

If your water supply has been facing a planned interruption for more than 3 hours. The water company gives you a written notice of 48 hours. The company restores the water supply by the exact time mentioned in the notice.

In case the water company fails to restore the water by the time mentioned in the notice, then you may get compensation for that. Also, if you didn’t receive 48 hours’ notice from the water company, then they have to compensate you for that as well. Because people face a lot of difficulties in their life due to water disruption.

It’s like your life stops when you haven’t stored any water beforehand because of course, you don’t see such unforeseen events happening. Water is a necessity and we all are responsible for its disruption. The least we can do is be a part of the community whole-heartedly and take care of what’s in our hands. This way, maybe our role can play a meaningful part to take care of issues that are highly critical.

One of such issues is the water supply. Some planned interruption to the water supply can get you compensation also if you didn’t receive it in 20 working days.

Water Supply – Unplanned Interruptions

In case an emergency interrupts the water supply, like your main water pipe bursts. Then the water company must be well-aware of the problem as it affects many people at once. They should restore the water supply in 12 hours once they know the problem. But, if the problem arises in the main pipe, then they have the time to restore the water supply in 48 hours.

The water company should consider some actionable measures as soon as they can to inform you where they can get you another water supply. They must also tell you when they plan to restore the water supply and must also give you a phone number. So it’s easier for you to stay updated and contact them for more information.

What happens if the water supply is not restored in good time?

If the water company does not restore the water supply in good time then you get compensation for the initial 24 hours and also for every additional 24-hour period when the water supply remains unrestored. Also, you are further compensated if you haven’t received the payment in 20 working days.

Along with the water disruption notice, your water company is also responsible to provide you with an alternate water supply such as water tankers or bottled water. You may need water constantly for different medical reasons as well and your needs should always be considered first. So, you can contact the water company and get yourself added to the priority list. So that you can get services first as well. If you wish to know more about their services, you can always go to the website of your water company and get more information from there.

There are also a few reasons when you will not be compensated for the unrestored water supply even if there isn’t a water supply longer than the period you have been told. For example, due to certain weather conditions, there will not be compensated as those conditions are not in anyone’s control. Moreover, if the employees of the water company are doing some industrial work then you will not get compensation.

The water disruption notice always informs the people of the period when the water supply will be unavailable. This way, people will understand the reason as to why this is happening. And will not get more worried as to what is happening and why they are unaware of it. So, when you get this notice here are a few things you can do to save water for your needs:

  • Store enough water because you may not know if the period gets extended or not. There can be emergencies, so just estimate how much water you are going to need and store it for future use.
  • Get water-saving devices if you can like faucet aerators or thimbles. These devices control the water that flows through the tap and the water pressure remains unaffected.
  • You can also prepare those items for your everyday meal that don’t require much water. This will limit the quantity of food you are eating but this is surely a good trick to save water. Water Disruption Notice in Dublin Ireland.

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