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WATER CHARGES in IRELAND  We all know that water is the most important substance in the entire world. No water means no life. Water not only plays a vital role in the human body but also in plant life. One can survive a few weeks without eating food but without water, even surviving a few days is pretty difficult.

In many parts of the world, free water is not available. It means one has to pay for water. There are different charges in every country for water. In many countries, there is a system of getting bills on a monthly basis and the residents pay it. In this way, the whole system works. But in Ireland, there were no water charges.

Free Water In Ireland:

There are no water charges in Ireland. The people living in Ireland use free of cost water. There is also no limit on the usage of water, which means they can use as much as water they want to use without even paying for it. Irish water is not private water of the government of Ireland but the company which supplies water to Ireland holds the majority shares of the government of Ireland in their company. In this way, the water supplied to Ireland becomes the government’s article.

Irish people have some real brains. They have maintained an improved and well-managed infrastructure in the country specifically for the proper supply to each house of the country. They have installed excellent quality pipelines, tanks, and filtration and disinfection systems which create no hurdle in the excess supply of water throughout the country.

Ervia is the company that supplies the excess amount of water to the state. Many people misunderstand Ervia as a private company. It is a nationalized company which indicates that it is owned by the state.

No More Free Of Cost Water:

Ireland is mainly famous for its greenery. As we have discussed before, the Irish government is the only country among all European countries which do count the usage of water. But things change over time and so is the Government of Ireland is deciding to amend their water rules and laws. Now the households that use extra water may have to pay for their share of water. People will get a threshold based on the occupants living in a house. Using more than the permitted meter of water will surely cost.

The authorities of the Water Services Act 2007-2017 charge the people for using a surplus amount of water. This charge will imply all those households that use the surplus amount of water without any check and balance.

From When The Excess Use Charges Will Start?

Excess use charges will start in January 2022. The Irish households will be written to reduce the excess usage of water and will be given full instructions on how to conserve water and preserve leaked water. The basic intention of giving these advanced warnings is only to give you a head-start to repair the leaking water pipelines and to reduce the usage of water in every way possible before you become accountable for water charges.

The government will start writing bills from January 2022. There will be no leniency then. Wasting water is an act which a responsible and respectable citizen should not do. Water is indeed one of the most important substances without which nothing is possible. There is not much water left in the world, and according to the rapidly increasing population of the world, if we do not save water now, we will have to face several consequences in the coming time.

Who Will Be Held Accountable For Excess Water Charges?

Irish water supply customers are those whose property is connected to the main water supply for the removal of waste through the main sewers. The charges will imply on every individual service which means that if you are using services for both purposes then you will have to pay individually for excess water charge.

The person who occupies the property or land will be held accountable for excess usage of water charges. If someone owns the property, they will become the occupier of the property, and they will have to pay for the excess usage of water charges. The other scenario states that if someone rents a property, they will be the occupier. In the same way, they will be liable for any excess water usage charges.

What Is Excess Usage Of Water?

People get confused when they hear about charges for excess usage of water. For everyone’s convenience, the government of Ireland has fixed a water meter. That water meter helps people to know when they are using extra water. Irish households use water approximately 125,000 liters per year. If there are more than four people in a house, they are allowed to use an extra 25,000 liters per year with an increase for each person.


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