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UV Sterilizers

UV Sterilizers
UV Sterilizers
UV Sterilizers
UV Sterilizers
UV Sterilizers

Ultra Violet Light Sterilization

The EPA estimated that 30% / 50,000 private wells in Ireland are contaminated with either animal or human waste. This is the main cause of E. coli and Coliforms which particularly affect children and the elderly who are at risk of getting very sick. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have said that people have to do more to protect their own well from contamination as it is not controlled by local authorities who treat water with chemicals such as chlorine to kill bacteria.

If you have had a recent water test carried out on your water supply simply upload your results below.

The Maximum Allowed Concentration Value (or also called MAC Value for short) for the levels of Total Coliforms , Enterococci, e-coli or cryptosporidium in your water is 0.

A reading of anything other than zero requires the water to be treated to ensure removal of these unwanted bacteria in your water supply.

Total Coliforms (100 mls)
MAC value EU (0)
E.Coli (100 mls)
MAC value EU (0)
Enterococci (100 mls)
MAC value EU (0)
Cryptosporidium (100 mls)
MAC value EU (0)

If you would like to order a water test from an accredited laboratory please enter your details below and we can arrange this for you.

How to treat Coliforms, Enterococci, E. Coli & Bacteria

Treatment: Ultra Violet is the best known way of eliminating bacteria as the energy causes inactivation
of micro-organisms by disrupting its DNA, therefore preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses. If you
have hard water or sediment and do not have a water softener we advise a pre-filter before the ultra
violet light to keep the ultra violet systems inner quarts sleeve clean and clear so the UV light can
penetrate through the sleeve keeping the water clear from bacteria. Ultra Violet systems are available in
both undersink and whole house versions. We would always advise if your water test has tested positive
for bacteria. That you install the whole house system as this will keep all taps in the house free from
bacteria and viruses leaving you free to drink the water, brush your teeth and shower/bathe using any
water source in the property.

UV Sterilizers​
In extreme cases where bacteria levels are very high we also advise shocking your well with chlorine. This process kills bacteria that are present in both your well water and all pipes and taps throughout your premises. After chlorination is complete bacteria can start to grow back in your well. However with an ultra violet system installed after your well pump it ensures that the bacteria will not be allowed back into your home as it works to stop it at the ultra violet stage. This gives you bacteria free water and peace of mind in protecting both your family and home.

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