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should know before buying a bottled water

Things you should know before buying a bottled water

The trend of buying bottled water is becoming routine around the world. In developed countries, people drink more bottled water. They consider it safe, hygiene, easily accessible, and much more. if we just think in a broader picture there are multiple factors that a person should know before investing in the bottled water. Things you should know before buying a bottled water.

Health consultants, doctors, and nutritionists suggest drinking plenty of water to improve health. It helps to keep you fresh and let your body perform the functions properly. But instead of the bottled water, it is good to have the tape water filter and enjoy the natural water.

By considering the factors of not buying bottled water many of us are convinced enough, but still do not stop investing in bottled water. There are certain things you should consider before buying drinking bottled water. Here are some of them:

  • Bottled water can hurt your pocket

With time as the trend become common for drinking or having bottled water, it is now a complete industry. The bottled water industry worked with the association that defines the regulation and set standards for the companies. Due to immense competition and cost over the bottle and processing a person spends a lot on bottled water that is higher than any other drink. Moreover, the bottled water is more in price than water coming into your home tap.

  • It is not much safe as considered

According to the random research, it is found out that people spend money over bottled water by considering it safe. But on the other hand, it is not sure that bottled water does not contain any contamination. If we review some genuine cases it shows that the bottled water can contain mold, particles, and bacteria as well. It happens because the FDA does not have any regulations for bottled water. Companies can store and sell non-regulated bottled water in different regions. Instead of bottled water the simple tap water of your city can be more regulated and free from the contamination.

  • Investing in bottled water is dangerous for the atmosphere

It is an obvious fact that people least consider while buying bottled water. Investing and drinking more bottled water is a cause to raise trash and disposal. According to the research, it is concluded that plastic bottles took more than 400 years to decompose. It means the recycling rate of plastic bottles is low and cause environmental pollution. Such waste can be dangerous for the species living on the earth like animals, marine species, and others.

  • Bottled water can be injurious to health

According to doctors and consultants, it is important to drink much more water for a healthy body and sound mind. Water is the basic requirement for almost every living organism. But finding the water in the plastic bottle is a big issue, it can risk the health a lot. It is always discouraging for the bottled water industry to use plastic bottles to sell water.

There is a new terminology called BPA free, consider that the plastic is safe for the human. But research suggests that it cannot replace or reduce the risk. The chemicals use in BPA-free manufacturing is still not good for human health.

Moreover, storing the water in a plastic bottle for a long time can be a reason to decompose chemicals and let them allow them to mix with water. By considering all the factors, it is suggested to use tap water with a water filter instead of buying bottled water.

There is another false perception of the bottled water that is extracted from the surface. Multiple companies or even reports clearly stated that the bottled water is not more than water coming from the tape. It is not about the safe water or unsafe water, it is all related to the publicity and marketing tool that companies adopt to convince customers. Even the use of some catchy wording and interpretation makes us believe that bottled water is something refreshing, safe, and healthy for life.

Instead of buying bottled water, it is good to have a water filter and enjoy the perfect taste and safe water for drinking at home.

Shift towards the smart water drinking ways!

Buying bottled water just ruin the money and health. But to have healthy drinking water for a safe lifestyle it is better to rely on the household tape water. In general, simple tape water contains multiple contaminants that can be dangerous for health. But having the water filter installation at home can save you from drinking polluted water and wasting money over bottled water. It is a good idea to transform your lifestyle and water drinking habits.

With the modification in the system, you can install a safe and protective water filtration system at home to get the purify and healthy drinking water.

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