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Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System

NSF Irish Model Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter Systems

There are many different chemicals, contaminants and heavy metals found to be in both private and public Irish Water supplies.

Public Water Supplies: Raw water used in public water supplies in Ireland can be taken from rivers and lakes. This water after it is taken from source is then passed through an intake point at the water treatment centre that is fitted with a screen that removes larger items found in the water such as sticks, fish, stones or other unwanted items that we can see floating in our rivers from time to time. After the raw water has been screened it is treated with the addition of chemicals. Some of these chemicals include coagulant, flocculant, Chlorine and Fluoride. There are many other chemicals found in our drinking water supply and some experts estimate there are up to 2000 different chemicals in our water supply. Drinking water supplies in Ireland have also been known to have increased levels of heavy metal such as lead and other contaminates such as Trihalomethanes (THM’s) Microplastics and Aluminum. Some of these chemicals found in Irish water supplies have been linked to serious illnesses.

Reverse Osmosis System

Private water supplies: Both spring wells and boreholes are commonly found in Ireland and although they don’t have any chemicals added to them at source they can still contain unwanted contaminates such as Nitrates, Ammonia, Heavy Metal, Arsenic and odour. Unless you have a water treatment system installed on your private water supply you should have the water tested regularly.

For optimum performance and the best quality drinking water we install the 5 Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in Ireland.

This system is installed neatly under your kitchen sink and will take a feed from your cold water pipe, filtering your water down to the highest possible clarity, removing unwanted chemicals, bacteria and other harmful substances. For a full specification and technical characteristics on the reverse osmosis water purification system please click and view the PDF attached below.

Below is a summary of the minimum percentage reduction of impurities removed through the Proline reverse osmosis filter. In the vast majority of Irish tap waters it is in fact a 99% removal rate of most of the elements/compounds below, however, the percentage values below are based on the feed water being the worst possible feed water.

How to treat drinking water with chemicals and contaminates

Reverse Osmosis is by far the most efficient way to filter your drinking water
removing unwanted chemicals and contaminates from both mains water and well
water. Our Irish model NSF reverse osmosis systems are manufactured to a very
high standard and built to specifically to deal with the impurities found in Irish
water supplies.

Watch this video for more details.

NSF Irish Model Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Video

Element / Compound Reduction


Add-ons to the Reverse Osmosis Filter System

This reverse osmosis water purification system can be installed on its own, purely for the drinking water only, but many people will install this system in addition to a wholehouse filter system (limescale,iron,coliforms removal systems etc.). This way they have the best quality drinking water as well as the softest, clearest water around the rest of the house with the other system. For more information on reverse osmosis water filters in Ireland or for a quote, contact us here.

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