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Quick ways to test water quality at home

Quick ways to test water quality at home

Water is one essential component of our body and the whole universe. Without water, there is no imagination of life on earth and even the universe. Every single living organism in the universe requires water to stay alive. The average water requirements can be different but eventually matters a lot. For humans it is necessary to consume a specific average quantity of water in a day. However, the consumable water requires passing through specific water softeners. It is not possible to drink water from all natural and raw resources. Such as the seawater, contain salt and other minerals or impurities in it. On the other hand, some rivers or waterfalls coming from the mountains have hard water that is not good for consumption.

The people living in the rural northern areas or near the sea level have to face issues with the water quality. Not all types of water are able to help you with drinking, cleaning, cooking and washing as well. It is necessary to have the water test whenever you are at a new place. For the residential or commercial purpose, there are numerous options available in the market to test water quality. It helps to have a certification and in detail reference about the water contents.

Can you check water quality at home?

When you are not available with the option of getting the water quality test from a commercial space then why not try it at home. It is not only for the serious concerns but you can have the activity to explain some simple facts about water to your kids. Specifically in the current lockdown situation, it seems a cool fun activity to have water experiments with your kids. There are some quick and easy options to test the water quality at home. So why not get start with these:

Basic inspection

The very first step you can do to check the water quality at home it the basic inspection. It includes three steps, the smell, the color and the taste.

The color – one of the basic steps is about the evaluation of watercolor coming in your tap. Let the water flow for a little time and then fill up a clear glass of water. Hold the glass against the light as the light will pass through it. If the light pass though it clear and there is not color, brown or rusty the water is clear. In case of any particles of color, you need to have a proper check.

The smell – another very basic and effective way to test the water quality. In water, you may smell bleach because chlorine used at the treatment plant. It is not harmful; you just need to place water in container for a while and it will be sorted. However, if smells like rotten egg or musty then there is something wrong.

The taste – last option is of taste. Quality water is tasteless and feels normal to your body. When you feels taste of any kind or it feels hard on your stomach then you need to get the fact check.

The soap test

It is one of the best, convenient and catchy water test to identify whether you need to get some water softeners to turn the hard water into soft one or not. Even in the urban areas, sometimes the hard water is a big mess. You may get the idea about it in a normal routine but performing a test can help you with clear identification. Fill up a bottle to its one third with water and add a few drops of dish soap in it. Make sure you are choosing a basic and detergent free soap. Now shake the bottle after tightening the cap, as you do not want mess around. If you will get milky or cloudy water without foam then it is hard water. The soft water makes foam at the top and settles down at the bottom easily. Test will give you instant results in no time.

Water hardness kit

The soap test will help you to find out whether the water at your home is soft or hard. However, you will not be able to get the hardness level. So, why not try it with a water hardness kit. The kit comes with test strips and color chart. You just need to fill up cold water in a glass from bathroom tap. Now dip the testing strip in the glass. Let the strip change its color. As it change color, take out the strip and match it with the color chart to find out the hardness intensity. The intensity will help you to pick up the best water softeners. Make sure to not place the strip under running tap water, it will not get you the accurate results.

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