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Pros and cons of Tap water and bottled water

Pros and cons of Tap water and bottled water

As the industries prospered, pollution and water contaminants increased to a great extent. Due to added minerals and limescale problems, we switched to bottled water and filtered water. But is the bottled water safe? Numerous water filtration systems make tap water safe for drinking purposes. Not only it makes it safe for drinking, but also it is less expensive as compared to bottled water. But as the bottled water companies pose and advertise bottled water as more reliable for drinking purposes so no one thinks that it can also provide harm toa human body. We are not criticizing the bottled water as there are some companies whose filtration methods are according to human body requirements. We explored the Pros and cons of Tap water and bottled water to decide which one is better. 

Before jumping on the pros and cons, here is a short comparison of tap water Vs. Bottled water. 


The food and drug administration supply bottled water. On the contrary environmental protection Agency manages the tap water supply in our homes. The supply method of both is different, like the bottled water companies purify the water from natural springs and public water supply and then seal in bottles. Whereas the EPA or public water supplying mediums provide supply water in pipes and water appliances, and people use it through their taps in homes. Tap water uses chlorine and Flouride for purification purposes. Not only these, but tap water also contains natural minerals and components. The bottled water does not contain any chemicals and contains some artificial flavors and minerals. If we make a comparison of cost, then tap water is easily accessible in less than 1 cent, whereas bottled water is almost 1000 more expensive. Tap water is also more stringent as compared to bottled water. Now explore the pros and cons of Tap water and bottled water. 

Pros of tap water 

  1. Drinking tap water is cheap, and it is also safe in some countries as the government follows three steps of cleaning, filtration, and treatment. Chlorine and fluoride help in the treatment of tap water by removing the contaminants and chemicals. 
  2. The tap water also follows the different water purification methods such as water disinfection, reverse osmosis, UV filters, distillation, and boiling. All these methods make water safe and pure at less cost as compared to bottled water. It is crucial to adapt these water filtration systems to get rid of the alarming realities of tap water chemicals
  3. Fluoridated tap water in most of the countries is improving oral health. 
  4. The calcium and magnesium minerals are also good for improving human health. These minerals get to add in the water because of passing through the rock formations. 
  5. As the tap water supplied by the government, so its involvement keeps check and balance on tap water. If there are any warning signs found in tap water, they immediately inform the people. Currently, due to industrial wastes, there is a boiling water notice issued in Ireland. So, it’s a good thing that tap water checked daily, whereas the audit or checking for bottled water occurs periodically. 

Cons of tap water 

There are cons of tap water, but only those who are unfiltered tap water.

  1. It contains a massive amount of bacteria and approximately 2000 other contaminants.  
  2. Old plumbing led to the traces of lead and pesticides in tap water. 
  3. The unfiltered tap water also contains plastic. Because of impurities and contaminants, tap water makes detergents and bar soap/ liquid soap ineffective. 
  4. As the bubbles not formed in unfiltered water, so people consume more and more soap. Impure water also blocks the water pipes. 
  5. The maintenance cost of tap water because of added impurities is sometimes high. 

Pros of bottled water 

  1. It is convenient to take the filtred bottled water everywhere.
  2. On the go, it keeps you hydrated. 
  3. Clean as compared to tap water.
  4. Highly available and safe to drink 

Cons of bottled water

  1. The plastic used for bottled water emits chemicals, and it raises serious health issues for humans. 
  2. Some companies provide filtered water in bottles utilizing tap water filtration systems at a higher cost. What is the use of these kinds of bottled water? 
  3. Expensive, no fluoride, no money-saving, and promotes fossils as well. 
  4. Many health hazards such as diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer also affect the human body more because of bottled water.


All the pros and cons of Tap water and bottled water mentioned above support that filtered tap water is better than bottled water to some extent. It is because if you will only use bottled water for drinking purposes and will not use tap water filtration systems, then your overall health can not improve. Unfiltered tap water will affect your skin, hair and will also raise the cost of detergents and pipes maintainance. So go for the tap water filtration systems and make your life safe from worries. 

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