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Pros and cons of belt filter press

Pros and cons of belt filter press

The most of the wastes and pollutants add to our drinking water comes from the industries. Where industries have improved our way of living, they also exhibit severe health effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, cholera, and gastroenteritis. The polluted water because of industrial wastes has affected our kidney and raised skin problems to a great extent. So, there is a need for a robust water filtration system other than the home water filtration systems. The water filtration systems we install in our homes are good to treat fluoride and other such contaminants. But to address the industrial waste, the belt filter press is best for the dewatering of sludges. Besides, water treatments it is also good for winemaking, cider, and apple juice. Before we explore the pros and cons of belt filter press, lets; explore more about its working and structure. 

Belt filter press process 

The belt press filters designed to handle efficiently the primary and secondary sludges produced as a result of industrial wastewater treatment. During the primary treatment process, organics and suspended solids captured because of gravitational sedimentation. Contrary to this, the secondary treatment process utilizes the microorganisms for eradicating the organic matter of wastewater. The microorganisms feed on biodegradable materials in the aeration tank, which pushes it into the secondary clarifier. After flowing into the clarifier, it firstly settles and then gets removed as secondary sludge. The proper removal of industrial wastes can improve the tap water quality


The belt filter press comprised of a system of rollers through which the belt and filtering cloths pass to complete the process of filtration. As we mentioned, a difference between the primary and secondary sludge, so the system of rollers takes it as a feed. After the slurry or sludge convert into the feed, it gets separated after passing through rollers into solid cake and filtrate. So, here the solid and liquid separation process gets complete and also the filtration process as well. 

Types of belt filter press 

The belt filter press is the best method for sludge dewatering, so it comes in versatile types. There are many types and suits to your needs and extent of filtration. 

  1. Automatic Membrane Filter Press
  2. PP filter press 
  3. Compact manual hydraulic designed belt filter press 
  4. Cast iron filter press 
  5. Automatic chamber filter press
  6. Hydraulic and mechanical filter press 
  7. Colorless, odorless belt filter press and many more 
  • As compared to other physical separation processes, belt filters usually generate low pressures. 
  • Low moisture content in centrifuges.
  • Less complicated operations and less cost 
  • Quick shutdown and startup times and also generates less noise during the filtration process. 
  • Work for a long life with easy maintenance and reliability 
  • Easy monitoring 
  • Ventilated and light 

Nothing is perfect in this world, so it also comes with some flaws. 

  1. It used in wastewater treatment, so chemicals, volatile emissions, and feed sludge’s odor added up, creating health problems. 
  2. With the different solid contents, its cost increases.
  3. Sometimes increase in varying reliable content increases the staff costs and operation costs. 
  4. Belt filter blinding problem due to grease an oil usage during the maintenance. 

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