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Sparkling Water Dispenser Countertop Filter with Chiller

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This fantastic table-top dispenser gives chilled, room temperature and sparkling water options. It is compact and perfect for tight spaces. Very popular for lovers of fizzy mineral water or sparkling water. There is also the option for still water filtered in addition to the Sparkling water option, both giving you an unlimited supply of each. This system uses your own raw tap water, filters it , chills it and gives you the option to have still filtered water or sparkling mineral water. This can be installed easily by yourself, easily removed and can be reinstalled at a different location without issue. Please see manuals and datasheets below on this page.

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Columbia counter-top Filter System with chilled filtered still water and Sparkling Water option


Click link for datasheet: Columbia Sparkling Water Chiller Datasheet

1 review for Sparkling Water Dispenser Countertop Filter with Chiller

  1. Martin Mc Connigle

    Brilliant system, love the sparkling water. My wife likes non sparkling so she uses the nozzle for the filtered chilled option wereas i use the nozzle for the sparkling filtered water option. Best thing weve bought in years, we love it!

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