Chrome 3 Way / Tri-flow Taps

Chrome 3 Way / Tri-flow Taps


Nature’s Water Ltd stock the largest supply of 3 way triflow taps in Ireland. All of our tri-flow taps can be fitted to any new or existing water filter system giving you hot, cold, and filtered water from the one tap.


  • Verona 2 Lever Chrome
  • Verona 3 Lever Chrome
  • Monza 2 Lever Chrome
  • Monza 3 Lever Brushed Steel
  • Sorrento 2 Lever Chrome
  • Sorrento 3 Lever Chrome
  • Milano 2 Lever Chrome
  • Milano 3 Lever Chrome
  • Aquila 2 Lever Black
  • Aquila 3 Lever Black
  • Aquila 2 Lever Chrome
  • Aquila 3 Lever Chrome
  • Aquila 2 Lever White
  • Aquila 3 Lever White
  • Single Lever


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Aquila 3 Lever Technical
Aquila 2 Lever Technical
Milano SF 2 Lever Technical
Milano SF 3 Lever Technical
Monza 2 Lever Technical
Monza 3 Lever Technical
Sorrento 2 Lever Technical
Sorrento 3 Lever Technical
Verona 2 Lever Technical
Verona 3 Lever Technical

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Verona 2 Lever Chrome, Verona 3 Lever Chrome, Monza 2 Lever Chrome, Monza 3 Lever Brushed Steel, Sorrento 2 Lever Chrome, Sorrento 3 Lever Chrome, Milano 2 Lever Chrome, Milano 3 Lever Chrome, Aquila 2 Lever Black, Aquila 3 Lever Black, Aquila 2 Lever Chrome, Aquila 3 Lever Chrome, Aquila 2 Lever White, Aquila 3 Lever White, Single Lever


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