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Procedural details of electric water softeners

Soft water is the key to many health benefits. Not only it brings a substantial impact on the overall human body, but also it is the source of saving the cost. In ou recent article, how to solve limescale and hard water problems, mentioned the natural ways by which you can remove contaminants from tap water. It included lemon juice and malt vinegar, baking soda, and white vinegar methods. Although these methods exclude the hardness of water to a certain extent, it requires a lot of time. So electric water softeners are best for removing limescale from tap water because they convert hard water to soft water in no time. H Here, we are going to elaborate on the Procedural details of electric water softeners. By following these easy steps, hard water converts to soft water, ensuring the health benefits also. 

Procedural details 

After the boiling water notice issued in Ireland, the need for electric water softeners and other filtrations systems increased to a great extent. The electric water softeners eliminate calcium and magnesium from hard water through the ion exchange process to eradicate the hard water. The electric water softeners also lower the Effects of iron and manganese on tap water through the ion exchange process. Now let’s jump to Procedural details of electric water softeners. 

Step1: Measuring the water hardness level 

The first step of implementing an electric water softener in your home is to test for the level of water hardness. You can check it by yourself by using a test kit or asking a tech person who comes to install it in your home. GPS and PPS are the numbers that tell you about the water hardness level. The GPS is “Grains of hardness per gallon of water,” and PPS is “parts per million of minerals.” Using this test kit not only tells you about the hardness of water but also about other water parameters.

Step 2: Water hardness setting  

If you measured the hardness of the water in GPS and it comes to a value of 40, then adjust the hardness level settings to the number 40. And if you measured it in PPM, then divide this PPM value bu 17.1. It will give you the value of Grains per gallon the multiply the GPG value with 17.1 to get PPM value and then adjust the hardness level set to that number. 

Step3: Setting capacity 

The numbers expressed at the water softener at the capacity level are from 1 to 99 kilograins. Basically, these numbers allow you to set the standard or capacity to which you want to remove hardness from water. 

Step4: Determine the tank size 

It is one of the crucial steps to determine the tank size up to which you are going to set the capacity of the water softener. The tank size helps you in deciding salt dose in pounds for water softener treatment. The electric water softners recommend different salt dose according to the tank size. So first perform the above three steps and then go for the brine control step. 

Step5: Brine control 

After performing the above steps, set the dial according to the salt dose. Generally, in countries like Ireland, Canada, and the UK, the metric system used for measuring the salt dose in Kilograms. If you want to convert the pounds to kg, then divide it by 2.2. If you’re going to install an electric water softener, then contact Nature’sNature’s water LTD. We provide electronic water softener and FilterCal Carbon limescale systems to solve the limescale problems. Resolve Irish water treatment issues with the latest pieces of equipment and safe methods. We provide high-quality water analysis and treatment. Boiling water alone is not enough, so filter water and filter your body from various diseases. We provide the best installation of Distillation and reverse osmosis filtration. Contact Us:

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