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Miraculous impact of activated carbon filters on tap water

Miraculous impact of activated carbon filters on tap water

Many of us know the activated carbon as the teeth whitener and for skincare. There are also miraculous impact of activated carbon filters on tap water. Moreover, activated charcoal helps in improving the overall health of the human body by improving the kidney functions, digestive system, and as an essential detoxification substance. The activated carbon filters remove the alarming chemicals from tap water. Let’s explore how do they perform tap water filtration. 

Charcoal filters 

The activated carbon is also known as charcoal filters because when water passed through charcoal, harmful chemicals stick to carbon. It results in clean and pure water. The activated charcoal filtration is all dependent on temperature and water flow. For example, if you are using the small activated carbon filters, then water must be cold and flow with low pressure. You can get the miraculous impact of activated carbon filters on tap water if you have the proper knowledge of the surface area. The parameter like area and pressure matters a lot during tap water filtration through activated charcoal. 

The size of activated carbon particles matters a lot as if the size is small; then water will not pass correctly through it. The filtration will not be as pure as a block of activated carbon can do. 

Chemicals and contaminants removal 

The activated carbon filters pure the tap water from hundreds of harmful chemicals and pollutants. Here is the list of chemicals which get remove from tap water after performing activated carbon filtration. 


The agriculture sector uses weedkillers to stop the growth of unwanted plants. The residues of weedkillers remain in water and food, leaving the harmful impact on the human body. Activated carbon filters for tap water removes herbicides, making it safe to drink. 

Perfluorooctane Sulfonate

The drinking water contains the amount of stain repellent and fire fighting foam chemical known as PFOS (Perfluorooctane Sulfonate). The reverse osmosis and activated charcoal water filters found as one of the most effective solutions in removing PFOS chemicals from drinking water. 


According to recent researches, found that microplastics are present in tao water, freshwater, air, and wastewater. The microplastics, when exposed to oxygen and sun rays, break down into ting particles. We can not see these tiny particles in tap water and can affect human health to some extent. The activated carbon helps in removing the microplastics from tap water. 


The pesticides such as glyphosate, nitrate, Heptachlor, and chlordane adds up in the tap water. Recent tests declared activated carbon as the best filter for the removal of these pesticide residues from tap water. Out of all the pesticides, nitrate has a disastrous impact on the human body because of blue baby disease. A little nitrate particle amount is not harmful, but researches confirm the high presence of nitrate in tap water. The activated carbon filers are capable enough to remove nitrate from tap water. 

Chlorine and it’s bi-products 

Many countries use chlorine to make the tap water safe. The added chlorine makes the water safe to drink but leaves an odor and a bad taste too. So, activated carbon filter systems remove the chlorine and bi-products. The chlorine bi-products such as THMS declared as carcinogenic chemicals; activated charcoal filtration is beneficial in removing these hazardous chemicals. 


The activated carbon filters are excellent in removing all the harmful chemicals, improving the taste of tap water. It is also useful at removing phosphate, chloride, and pharmaceuticals from tap water. The special activated carbon filters, such as activated catalytic carbon, remove limescale, chloramine, copper, and microbial cysts as well. Overall there are miraculous effects of activated carbon filters on tap water. 

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