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importance of water for life

Importance of water for life 

The most significant element on earth is water. No life is possible on earth without water because all animals, plants, and human beings need water to survive. We use water in the production of many products. It is also necessary for the manufacturing of farm stock and farm crops. Water is essential for the ecological balance of the earth. Every living thing can survive without food for up to several weeks, but only live a few days without water. no one can deny the Importance of water.

Why do we need water?

We need water for doing a lot of things like

  • For the cooking process
  • Washing clothes
  • Keeping house clean
  • Keeping trees and plant alive
  • for the protection of the environment

Water is essential for life. Some important uses of water are given below.

Agricultural life

The main component of agriculture is water. Almost 70% of the water today is utilized in the agricultural field. And only 8 % is consumed for household purposes. There are three sources by which agriculture takes to water.

  • Surface water
  • Groundwater
  • Rainwater

The water is necessary for the growing and production of agricultural food and crops. When the water is used effectively in the agriculture field, then the production of crops is increases and better.  Pesticides are using to increase the production of agricultural food but, they also need some amount of water. It leaches into the nearby soil when it mixes in water. The water is using for spreading the fertilizers. If the water and fertilizers are significantly dissolved, then it nourishes the soil and increases the growth of better yield.

During the springtime, the water is using to secure the plants from sudden freezing. There are many uses of water in agriculture. The production of crops is less when the water is present in an insufficient amount. Due to this, all living things die because of food shortage.

Industrial use

For social and economic growth, water is essential. A big part of the earth’s surface is cover by water. Every industry requires water for its operations and functions. If the supply of water is not accurate, then most of the industry would fall down. Almost one-quarter of water is consumed for commercial uses. The semiconductors which are present in TVs, mobiles, laptop, and computer need ultrapure water. The paper and pulp industries also need water for production purposes.

The industry uses water for the cooling process. When the machines work, they produce heat. If the machines heat-up a lot, then they stop doing work, so water is used to cool it. For the manufacture of electricity, the main component is water.  Electricity also generates from wastewater.

The economy generates money by selling excess energy. So water is essential for industrial work because if it is using efficiently, then the industry grows. Due to this, the economy becomes strong, and the stander of living also becomes good.

Drinking water

The human body carries 60% of water. You want your body safe from dehydration then, drunk at least eight glasses of water per day.  But it is necessary that the water must be clean when people use it for the dinking process. It must be free from chemicals, residue, and germs. There are two types of water potable and non-potable. Potable water is safe for drinking and, non-potable water is not used for drinking because it causes many diseases in the human body.

Every year the hundred and thousands of people died because of drinking polluted water. So make sure that water must be clean and pure. Use the water filters at home to make the water potable. The water filters are very beneficial for you and your family because it gives clean and pure water. The system of the body needs water to work accurately so, drink a lot of water. Water is an essential component of life.

Human body functioning.

You can hear many times that water is very significant for health and play many functions in over body. For physical performance, water plays a significant role. The decrease in water level affects physical performance. You can face many difficulties if you do not drink water during exercises like muscles stretch, reduce motivation, feels tiredness.

The saliva is necessary for the breakdown of food into small particles. By the use of water, a body makes saliva. The body temperature also affects by the water. If the amount of water in the body is less, then the body stores more heat and cannot do work properly and feel weakness.

The dehydration can create digestion problems and make the stomach acidic. A water shortage in the body can cause stomach ulcers and heartburn. By the more consumption of water, you can save from some issues like hypertension, constipation, urinary tract infection, and blood pressure. So it is clear that water is very beneficial for the body’s proper functioning and for life in earth.

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