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How to Turn Off Water Mains Ireland?

How to Turn Off Water Mains in Ireland?

Coming home to see that your kitchen ceiling is leaking is a moment where you think ‘why?’ You spend a lot in making your home and if one thing goes wrong that’s as critical as water leakage, panic rushes in. The cherry on top, you can’t understand where that water is leaking from and you keep looking for loopholes. Now in this article, you will learn how to turn off your water supply while it’s still running. Let’s dive in!

The first thing you should do when there’s a leak is turn off the mains or the local feed. That is the time when you shouldn’t worry about calling the plumber or seeking help. They may get late and maybe when they come, most of the damage would already be done. So, if it’s possible to turn off the water feed that is stored as well. Just a few hours of dripping water can cover your entire floor, drench your carpets, and also wreck your kitchen portion.

Managing Water Leakage Indoors

In your home, there’s mainly a principal valve (stopcock) and many other valves. That leads to several inlet pipes and control the mains as well as the tanks. where the stored supply of water stays. It’s your core responsibility to always identify and recognize the water valves and maintain them so whenever the need occurs, you know exactly where to go and what to do.

If your home is built in an old-school style, then it’s likely you’ll find the mains stopcock anywhere, like beneath the kitchen sink which is the most commonplace. You can also find it in the stair cupboard and the corner of your boiler house.

There are many levers or wheel valves in a few homes to turn off the water supply. Your sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets also have them. Look out for the pipe-work or hoses in your house or even talk to your plumber to find and label all of them so it’s easier for you to identify them the next time this happens.

You can turn off levers by rotating them clockwise. Sometimes, you can turn one isolation valve so that the leaks stop immediately in the house. This way, you will make the work even convenient for the plumber on the problem without having to turn off all the water mains.

Turning Off Valves Outdoors

Outside many homes, there are boundaries where you will find an external turn-off within a small plastic or metal cover labeled as juice or water. That external shut-off Is owned by Uisce Eireann, water board, but you should be familiar with the places it’s fitted in. You must also know what properties it can control. So you can handle that on your own in times of dire need.

In case you have to switch the mains off outside your home and you think that will affect your neighbors as well, then it’s your responsibility to let them know right away. Doing so will alert them beforehand and they will take the necessary measures. Some water meters have a valve with a blue-colored key made of plastic or a handle that can be easily controlled.

Remove the cover from the meter using a screwdriver and winkle it into any hole in the meter. Then get the foam frost-plug and replace it once you have done your job. Be careful in the process and check the meter assembly. Make sure that you can easily operate the lever or turn-off valve as you must have heard a few complaints regarding the supplied keys that they either slip or fail to function properly. The water board will replace a defective valve or fix it according to the need.

Always remember that if your water is leaking a lot, you should turn off all the electric sources so your home is completely safe. Keep your kids away from electrical sockets as well if you haven’t turned the electricity off. A trip switch is on the meter board that you can turn-off.

If there are a pump and well in your home, the supply will get dry if you turn off the power. You can’t notice leaks at first that easily. They form their covering within the ceiling at first and start pulling down the floor after some time or may also come straight down your wall. You can also install a water sensor that will help you manage leaks efficiently.


This time of the year is great to look for all the leakages, broken pipes, and faulty valves, etc. You should get them fixed right in the start before they try to trouble you more. You end up suffering from a big loss. Just remember the points mentioned above and turn off the water supply as soon as you see water leakage. If that water is coming in an infinite amount, also shut-off your power so it’s completely safe before someone else steps in to make it right.


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