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How to Get Water Charges Refund

How to Get Water Charges Refund in Ireland

Ireland is the 20th largest island in the entire world. But isn’t it strange that even being surrounded by water, Irish people have to pay for it now? It is indeed strange but people living in every part of the world are restricted by some rules set by the government of particular cities and countries.

Water is the most important substance in the whole world. It is not only important for life but it plays a vital role in the economy of the world. The economy obtained and maintained by water is now known as The Blue Economy. All of the earth’s oceans flow into each other and together they form the largest portion of the globe which further swirls around all the continents to provide water.

Water Charges:

For forever, the water supply to the Irish households was free but then the Irish government made amendments in their laws, and rules and limits were set accordingly. Households using an excess amount of water were held liable for paying charges and bills. The occupiers of the property or the tenants are held accountable for water charges.

Irish Water Charges Refunds:

The concerned authorities of the Irish water supply have issued up to 95% refunds of water charges by cheque. Authorities started issuing cheques of domestic refunds in late November. Those who still have not received their cheques yet will soon get an update regarding it.

Who Will Get The Water Charges Refund?

The people who actually received the bill and their names are written on the account will get the refunds only. No other people will be given any sort of water charges refunds.

How Will The Refund Be Given? 

The authorities who deal with the water issues and controls the entire water supply of the city will refund the issued water charges. The water charges will be refunded by issuing cheques to the people who were held accountable. The cheques will be sent to the mentioned or registered addresses of the people from Irish Water.

Why Cheques?

Cheques are the safest way of transferring money from one place to another. The concerned authorities want to refund the charges safely and efficiently to their customers. Cheques are safe and can be given easily and within the mentioned time frame. Through giving cheques the heads can also ensure that the refunds are going to the correct person.

Some Information about Cheques:

Refund cheques are important to be directly lodged to the named bank account. When once the account is cleared the account holder will get access to the funds.

Pay Attention Tenants!

The refunds are made payable to only the account holder. If the tenants have paid their bill to their landlords or under your landlord’s name, the cheque will automatically be issued to your landlord’s name. In this case, the tenant will have to contact the landlord regarding the Irish Water Fund.

Full Amount Refund:

Most of the customers are having a question about refunds. The two major questions are how much will the customers receive and when will they receive it. The authorities made it clear that the household customers will get 100% refund and they will shortly know through the websites about the due dates of getting refunds. The customers will also be able to check online about the following information.

How to Update Details?


If the address or the other details have changed, you have to contact the authorities and the heads of Irish Water immediately and inform them before they issue you the cheque on the previously registered details. They might ask you some security questions to ensure the correct person and to protect the customer’s account.

What Do Irish People Need To Do To Get Refunds?

Irish people do not actually have to do anything in specific. The citizens of Ireland do not have to contact or to apply to the Irish Water Supply to get refunds. People living in Ireland only have to contact the Irish Water Supply if the details or address have changed.

To The People Who Paid By Direct Debit:

It will not be easy for the government to pay everyone the same way people paid their charges. Irish Water will follow one way to refund the money. The money will be refunded through cheques and the cheques will be sent to the registered addresses.  

To The People Who Paid Only First Few Bills:

All those people who paid only a few bills will get whatever the amount they have paid. They will get a 100% refund of the amount they paid in charges.

Water Conservation Grant:

No one will have to pay for the Water Conservation Grant.

Water Infrastructure Maintenance and Development:

The people of Ireland will pay for the water infrastructure maintenance and development as they have always done. Irish Water has been doing a lot in the background for many months to refund the money as soon as possible. Their priority is to refund the money to the households that have paid their charges.

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