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How to control the Waterborne diseases?

How to control the Waterborne diseases?

Life is not possible without oxygen and water. It takes only 4 minutes when you can not get the oxygen for breathing. Similarly, the contaminated water with poisonous chemicals can lead you to death. Continuously drinking the contaminated water is a slow poisoning. Around 500 000 diarrhoeal deaths occur each year, and all are the result of consuming water with harmful bacteria and chemicals. All the severe health threats happen because of consuimg water with waterborne diseases. So, let’s contribute with us in the mission of how to control the Waterborne diseases? 

Waterborne diseases

Before the prevention of anything, you must know the actual cause of the problem. The transmission of pathogenic microorganisms in the water is the primary reason behind the waterborne diseases. All the delicate organs of a human body get affected by waterborne diseases. The primary symptoms that you are suffering from waterborne illness are vomiting and nausea.

Moreover, continuous problems in the eyes, ears, nose, and respiratory tract are due to consuming contaminated water while drinking, washing, and bathing. The disability-adjusted life year in the human lead to 1.5 million deaths each year by consuming infected water. The waterborne disease also spread because of drinking water infected with fecal pathogens. 

Main reasons behind waterborne diseases

There are multiple reasons which lead to the occurrence of waterborne diseases. Microorganisms such as bacteria, protozoa, intestinal parasites, and viruses are not the only reasons but also the mosquitoes spread waterborne diseases. The metazoan parasites, such as roundworm presence in water, affect the hygiene of drinking water. Infected water is also not safe for washing and bathing purposes. Sometimes, not only the microorganisms, parasites, and chemicals but also the surroundings lead to waterborne diseases. The rural areas where there is no proper cleanliness lead to the birth of multiples germs. These germs infect the water and lead to waterborne diseases. As these diseases can be deadly, so here are cautious ways by which you can control the Waterborne diseases. 

Control methods 

To control anything deadly before it spread is the mature approach. So, never wait for waterborne diseases to initiate but also seek ways that eliminate them properly or even stop them before spreading. Are you looking for How to control the Waterborne diseases? Here are the perfect solutions. 

Chlorine disinfectant

One of the most effective control methods to add chlorine disinfectant in public water supplies. It controls the birth of bacteria, germs, protozoans, and parasites. Chorine is best for killing any diseases spreading pathogens. The water consumed in swimming pools not filtered can lead to many diseases. So add chlorine in the pool to form the hypochlorous acid, which is useful in killing all the germs and bacteria leading to waterborne diseases. 

Boiled water/ tea and beverages 

It is a traditional approach but useful in the areas where filtration methods are unreachable. We are talking about the urban areas where it is difficult to implant the water filtration systems such as Filtercal carbon filtration systems, water coolers. So in extreme cases where there is no other option, then boil water and save yourself from waterborne diseases. In recent researches, research came that in the area where there was cold and no proper water filtration method there people consumed tea more than water. Yes, tea contains boiled water and beverages compressed water, so consuming it more can also save you from waterborne illness. Drinking beverages and tea is a better option than drinking bad water. 

Personal hygiene 

Installing different water filtration systems is sometimes not enough to protect yourself from waterborne diseases. You must take care of your health by taking a shower daily and to wash hands after touching animals and using the toilet. In humans, mostly children suffer more from waterborne diseases because they play in dirty areas and goes to a school where they are vulnerable to cleanliness threats. So make sure they eat a healthful diet, which means not the refrigerated food and wash hands properly after playing. 

Proper washing 

There are few life chores and things in which we neglect proper washing and ultimately suffer from many diseases. So properly wash the vegetables and fruits before eating them. Consume only dairy products such as yogurt and butter. Some artificial milk products contain the water infected with germs. So consume natural things but after proper washing and boiling. It is crucial to sanitize the utensils in which you are going to cook food. Using reputed germs free detergent and warm water is a good approach to kill bacteria up to 99%. 

Check water sources 

Industrial advancements have led us to many pollutants that are not easy to handle. So, always check for sources from where you are drinking water as there can be involvement of pathogens and industrial wastes. Never drink water from lakes, springs as there can be high involvement of manganese and iron. Moreover, never drink water in the swimming pool and try to avoid even some drops of water there. 

Boiling can help, but in extreme cases where there are arsenic, manganses, and harmful chemicals, it can not help. So. install proper water filtration systems in your homes and consume filtered water for washing and drinking. In Ireland, Natureswater helps you in installing the latest water filtration systems. For any queries or installation.Contact us.

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