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How Much Does It Cost To Install a Water Softener

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Water Softener

Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy the perks of soft water. Hard water is not only damaging to your house health – but also affects you physically as well. And as the majority of homeowners get hard water supply for domestic use. It leaves them with no other choice than to install an effective water softener. 


As the demand for water softener increases there are plenty of options in the market. However, when it comes to getting a water softener for home and installing it – the most important question is – how much does it cost to install a water softener?


If you are looking to get an idea of how much you need to spend on water softener installation – then this is the right spot for you! In this article, we are going to provide you with an estimate of overall installation cost – inclusive of the purchase price of the water softener.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Water Softener:

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the final amount you need to pay for a water softener for home installation varies depending upon various factors. Considering these factors would help you to stay within your budget – as well as aid you in making the decision which water softener would be the best for your home.


  • System Type:


One of the many things that influence the cost of a water softener for home installation – is its system type. There are different types of water softener that remove hardness using different processes such as ion exchange, magnetic/electronic, dual-tank, and salt-free water hardness removers, etc. Not only the purchase price but also the overall installation cost would vary for all these.


  • Storage Capacity:


Different water softeners have different capacities or sizes. It means that each softener is designed to remove water hardness and store a certain amount (gallons) of water in it. The greater the storage capacity – the larger would be the size of the water softener – hence the more expensive the softeners will be. 


  • Manufacturer:


The brand or manufacturing company of the water softener also influence the cost of installation. It’s because the more popular the brand would be – the higher would be the price of the softener. The increase in purchase price would definitely increase the end-cost of installation.


  • Source Of Purchase:


Whether you are purchasing the water softener plant from a retail shop, or from an online store – you will notice a price difference. Usually, the water softeners purchased from the online market are cheaper than the other source of purchase.


  • Warranty:


 The duration of the warranty for a water softener system also impacts the overall cost of installation. The softener with a longer warranty period is usually expensive than the ones with a shorter period.


  • Self Installation or Professional Help:


One of the major things that impact the installation cost of a water softener is whether you hire a professional to do so – or decided to install it on your own. Usually, DIY installation is cheaper – but if you have no experience – then its always better to seek professional help. 


  • Complexity Of Installation:


The last thing that affects the installation cost of a water softener is the complexity of the procedure. It means if your water main’s is easily accessible it would cost you less – otherwise, it would prove to be one of the most expensive home addition!

Overall Cost On Water Softener Installation:

According to a survey, the average installation expense to install a water softener for home ranges between $800 to $2,000. It is inclusive of the purchase price, labor wage, and material required for installation. However, this could vary depending upon the factors mentioned in the previous section.


Here is a price range for different types of water softeners to give you a head start. The list goes from inexpensive to most expensive water softeners for home:


  • Magnetic/Electronic Softeners – $30 to $200.
  • Ion Exchangers Softeners – $400 to $1,000.
  • Dual Tank Water Softeners – $1,000 to $2,000.
  • Salt-Free Softeners – $300 to $4,000.


A cost of installation may also vary from the work/complexity of the procedure – such as:

  • Service charges for a pre-plumbed house for water softener – $250.
  • Easily accessible water main, with minimum drilling – $350.
  • Houses in which french pipes are required to run through the attic/around the house – $750.
  • Reaping a new water line, around 4,000 square feet, all around the house – $1,200.

Is It Worth Installing A Water Softener?

To conclude this discussion, it is not wrong to say that – irrespective of the cost you spend on a water softener installation – it’ll always pay you back! It is a one-time investment – and save your house from a number of issues – such as clogged pipes, rusted faucets, stained walls & floors, etc. 

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