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How Many Pints of Water Should You Drink in a Day?

Water makes up about two-thirds of your body weight and carries waste products and nutrients around your body. It works as a lubricant, absorbs shock in your joints, regulates your temperature, and contributes powerfully to the chemical reactions happening in your body. This tells the importance of water and its necessity in our life. We can’t live without water for 3 days and since the needs of everyone’s body is different, it solely depends on the amount of water an individual needs that are crucial to their survival.

We can’t ignore the numerous blessings God has bestowed upon us and water is one thing we should never take for granted. Keeping a fine and healthy balance in our lifestyle is what keeps us going. We should try to avoid dehydration and drink as much water as we can because we lose water through urination, sweat, and also breathing. To ensure you drink enough water every day, you can make a chart if that helps you, keep reminder alarms in your phone, or try making it a habit. Once you do this, you will feel thirsty even quickly and would want more water because that will be your usual routine.

Nothing can be perfect in this life, but balance is necessary for all aspects of life. If you don’t drink enough water, you will easily feel its symptoms as you end up losing 1 – 2% of the body’s water. This percent continues to decline until you top your fluids right to where they should be. In some cases (depending on your body’s needs), dehydration can lead to death as well. If your body is healthy, your brain will instantly detect when you are dehydrated and initiate thirst so you keep drinking water.

Moreover, it releases a hormone in your body which indicates the kidneys to concentrate the urine and store water. Drinking water washes down toxins from your body and makes the digestion process easy. Sometimes, it’s tricky to understand how much water you should drink, especially when it’s hot and you are exercising more than usual. Drinking too less is not the only problem that can lead to health diseases, if you drink too much, that can be a risk to your health as well.

How much water does your body need?

Normally, the cycle of water goes like this: you get thirsty, you drink water, you rush to the washroom, and repeat. This is how your body responds to thirst. A report suggested the men should drink at least 2 liters of water and women should drink 1.6 liters or 8 – 10 glasses. For men, this daily requirement is almost equal to 3 ½ pints. When we talk about women, 1.6 liters is almost equal to 3 pints.

The story doesn’t end here. What you drink largely depends on what activities you engage yourself in, what’s the weather, how quickly your body responds to thirst, what is your health, what is weight and size, etc. These factors play a major role in deciding how much water is good for you and the right amount of water you should drink to keep yourself healthy and active. One thing that will help you immensely is by drinking water little by little and after a few breaks, so you are hydrated, you don’t feel thirsty, your body is balanced, and you stay healthy.

What you eat and drink heavily affects your body. While you may think that alcohol is a good solution to quench your thirst, it’s not. This means you will have to urinate more often and that will ultimately lead to dehydration. You can try drinking more water from today and see

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