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How different substances utilize chlorine chemicals for water treatment?

How different substances utilize chlorine chemicals for water treatment?

We all are well aware of water chlorination, which uses chlorine or chlorine compounds for tap water filtration. The chlorine chemicals work as a miracle for microbes and bacteria found in tap water. Water-borne diseases such as dysentery, typhoid fever, and salmonella get eliminated by using chlorinated tap water. Here we gonna, provide a detailed description of how different substances utilize chlorine chemicals for water treatment. But, before that, let’s have a quick view of how the chlorination of water started and promoted so far. 

Permanent water chlorination 

It all started in 1905 when slow sand water filters became inefficient, and public water supply consumption leads to typhoid fever. Alexander Cruickshank Houston introduced the water chlorination, which further became a standard in many countries as the permanent water chlorination. He proposed a solution of calcium hypochlorite formed by dissolving chlorine gas in lime water. After this, chlorine gas utilized in many different ways, a tap water filter. This method remained standard for four decades using chlorine gas or chloride of lime for treating the tap water contaminants. It further replaced by the reverse osmosis process. But still, different substances utilize chlorine chemicals for water treatment. 

Standard chlorine level 

Before water chlorination make sure that you are following the standard chlorine level. Use 4 milligrams of chlorine per liter to make it safe drinking water. Many pieces of research conducted claim that a small amount of added chlorine or chlorine chemicals is safe, but the excess amount added can lead to severe health problems. A large number of chlorine chemicals used, lead many people for dialysis, and it’s a time taking and painful procedure for chemical removal from the human body.

Dialysis primarily removes the chlorine and chloramines, so before consuming chlorinated water, always make sure to use the standard chlorine level. There are some electronic chlorine chemicals based water filter systems available in the market for standard and easy water chlorination. If you have an excess level of contaminants and chemicals in tap water, then use the FilterCal carbon system. Here is a list of different substances that utilizes chlorine chemicals for water treatment. 

Calcium hypochlorite 

The calcium hypochlorite uses chlorine gas for the treatment of contaminants in domestic water supplies. Most of us used the neutralizing filters to raise the ph of water, but it can cause water hardness problems. The ph adjustment is crucial for safe water drinkimg. So, calcium hypochlorite used for raising the ph of water and transforming the acidic Nature of water to alkaline making it safe for drinking purposes. 

Chlorine gas 

The chlorine gas is an excellent disinfectant for water because of being heavier than air. It fights against the chemicals to an extraordinary level, but it has pungent odor and green in color. The raw chlorine gas exposed to air causes respiratory issues. But when added in water as a tap water filter, it works efficiently to remove the contaminants and harmful chemicals. It is available as a compressed liquid in amber color and acts as a warrior for tap water chemicals. Not only practical, but it is also one of the cheap methods used for water chlorination. 

Sodium Hypochlorite

The bacteria, fungi, and viruses make the drinking water deadly. And, the sodium hypochlorite works like a miracle from removing these up to 96%. Unlike the disinfectants mentioned above, it is one of the easiest and low quantity substance added in water for removing chemicals. A low concentration is useful for raising the ph level of water and making it safe for drinking purposes. 

The water chlorination is a scalable and secure acceptable water filtration method. It reduces the chances of water-borne diseases and acts as a protector for recontamination. 

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