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How can you reduce the ph of water at home?

How can you reduce the ph of water at home?

Why there is a need to lower the ph of water? The lower ph makes the water acidic and corrosive. If you want to check the nature of water, whether it’s acidic or alkaline, then check for hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. The water with the increased amount of hydroxyl ions make it basic, and the more hydrogen ions make it acidic. So, how can you reduce the ph of water at home? It highly recommended lowering the ph of water because of its damaging nature. It can damage the water supply appliances. The rusting of metal with blue, green spots are also because water passed through them is acidic. The lower ph value of water less than 7 is acidic, and more than 7 is basic. Higher the ph value and lower the ph value, both are not good for human health. 

Where there is a need to lower the ph of water? 

The water with a high ph of water is not safe for drinking. Chemical feed pumps and neutralizing filters are effective in neutralizing the ph of water. The cost to lower the ph of water by using water filtration systems and devices can sometimes be high. So, how can you reduce the ph of water at home? It is essential to know the home remedies for lowering the ph of water. Because of the water in fish tanks with higher ph levels can make the fishes sick. Moreover, it can also affect the human skin and irritate. Here is the list of home remedies for lowering the ph of water. 

Sodium bisulfate and muriatic acid 

People think that only drinking water should be filtered and safe for drinking. But in reality, the dishwashing, laundry and swimming pool and aquarium water must also be clean and pure. The pool must follow the ph level from 7.2 to 7.8. There are different ways and means to lower the ph level of water. But, for the pool water adding the required amount of sodium bisulfate and muriatic acid neutralizes the ph of water. The ph level lowering is also crucial in pools because a higher ph value of water makes the chlorine ineffective for sanitation. Moreover, the pool water starts appearing dark with scale build-up. Not only in appearance, it is unacceptable but also for the skin because of skin irritation problems. 

Citric acid 

As we are heading towards more ways by how can you reduce the ph of water at home?. So lemon, lime, and orange worth mentioning here. It is one of the simplest and easiest methods to implement to lower the ph value. Just add 2 to 3 drops of lemon, lime, and orange juice in your drinking water, and it will reduce the ph of water instantly. All the fruits which have citric nature and the citrus acid itself are the best choice to make the water acidic and lower the ph value of water. 

Food grade acids 

Use sulphuric, lactic, and phosphoric acid to lower the ph of water. All these acids utilized in the preparation of the fermentation process helpful for ph level reduction. If we combine the food grade acids and acid injection system, then both work instantly for neutralizing the ph level. What an acid injection system does is sensing of ph level of water and then injecting the required amount of food-grade acids in the tap water. 

Not only the methods mentioned above, but you can also install different neutralizing filters in your home supply system for lowering the ph value of water. If you have any problem related to water purification in Ireland, then Natureswater can professionally help you. Any guidance regarding installation or replacing previous water filtration systems with the new one. Contact us.  Now the tap water is safe; we always come up with the latest tap water filtration systems. 

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