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How can you improve tap water quality?

How can you improve tap water quality?

The human body needs water for the better functioning of body tissues. Water helps in regulating body temperature and creating saliva for the efficient breakdown of food. It also saves us from dehydration and improves the overall physical performance of the body by boosting our energy levels. So, make sure the water you drink, be pure and contains and contain no traces of any chemicals or harmful substances. Here we are highlighting some steps for how can you improve tap water quality? 

Faucet aerator 

If we want to improve the tap water quality, then the first thing you must do is to change the faucet aerator for better water flow. The better the water will flow, the better it will remove the lead from the tap water. It is also crucial to change or clean the faucet aerator twice a week because of the presence of minerals in tap water. The water, when evaporates, leaves the deposits of the minerals, which can make the tap water impure. Moreover, it makes the faucet aerator color brown, after which we feel uncomfortable drinking the tap water. So, clean them or its better to replace them periodcially. 

Water testing 

Tap water must go through different water testing instruments for testing the water pollutants and chemicals. There are handheld digital instruments such as calorimeter, digital meters, and photometers that are available for water testing. You can also use test strips and color disks for testing fluoride, arsenic, nitrate, TDS, and ph of tap water. 

Household plumbing 

Several water pipes connect our household water supply to the mains supply. Unfortunately, we do not care to replace or repair them in years. With the increasing time due to chemicals and minerals, rust starts to appear on these pipes, which make the water impure and not healthy to drink. So, go for the different water leakage tests and plumbing maintenance to save the tap water from the presence of minerals and other contaminants. One more important thing here needs attention, and that is to avoid throwing papers, drugs, grease, and oil in the drain. These things are not disposed to their proper places, so they affect not only the tap water quality but also the overall environment. There is also a need for the repair and replacement for the overall city water supply infrastructure to improve tap water quality. 

Lead-free pipes 

The water pipes which not replaced for years include the contents of lead in drinking water. So, besides the tap water filtration systems, you should also install lead-free systems for the quality tap water and to improve the overall health. Never ignore the presence of lead in tap water as it dramatically affects the infants, young children, and pregnant women’s health. 

Water filters 

Most of the people in the world rely on boiling tap water for drinking safe water. But according to researches, cooking alone is not enough. Because it can kill the germs to some extent but can not fight against the chemicals and minerals. So, use the methods such as activated carbon, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and Distillation for tap water filtration. The neutrlizing filters, carbon black, and deionization also help in improving the tap water quality and making it safe for drinking. Moreover, it also helps in removing bad smell and enhances the taste of water. There is also filter Cal carbon system available, which is suitable for removing all the contaminants of tap water. 

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