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Health problems due to fluoride in water

Health problems due to fluoride in water

The presence of univalent gaseous chemically reactive electronegative halogen ( fluorine) in water, air, and animals protects us from tooth and bones decay. A small amount of fluoride in water is beneficial, but as soon as it starts to increase, tooth problems and osteoporosis occur. Not only this, but it also affects the muscles, nerves, and reproductive organs. There are numerous health problems due to fluoride in water. The precautions must be carried out to control the amount of fluoride in water. 

TSH elevation

The excess of fluoride in drinking water affects the thyroid gland function and becomes the reason of TSH elevation. In some populations, a decrease in T3/T4 hormones also occurs because of the excess exposure to the fluoride and initiates antagonistic properties towards iodine. This increase and decrease of TSH and hormones elevate the endocrine disruptor (F-) and exhibit toxic results for diabetic patients. It also mainly occurs because of chlorine F- ion, and excess of hyperglycemic effect reduce insulin formation in the human body. As a result, it poses many adverse impacts on diabetic patients. The increased level of fluorine brings minimizes the level of glycolysis, ultimately increasing the blood glucose level. Not a full stop, here is the long list of health problems due to fluoride in water. 

Damages bones and joints 

Excess of everything is wrong; the same is the case with fluoride. The bones and joints get affected by the exposure of fluorine. Even it can make humans suffer from the bones disease known as skeletal fluorosis. Like tooth decay, bones start to decay, and humans feel pain in joints all the time. The human bones more exposed to fluoride faces the fractures quickly as compared to the bones less exposed to fluorine. 

Adult acne 

Have you ever experience perioral dermatitis? Yes, it is common in the countries where there is an excess of fluoride in water. Even the cause of cystic acne was due to ingesting fluoride in excess. So, it’s proven that it causes skin and acne problems, and there is a need to adapt to the non-fluoridated environment. One more thing, please accept the reality that fluorine is pollution, not a mineral nutrient, and causes acne and skin problems.

Reproductive issues

The high amount of fluorine leads to Reduced Testosterone and ultimately destroying the male reproductive systems. It also initiates the early puberty in girls. So, drinking water containing fluoride can be harmful. Always install the water filtration systems such as gravity filters and fluoride-free water pitchers to reduce the adverse impact of fluoride. 


Excess of fluoride is a poison for humans and led to health problems such as seizures and muscle spasms, excessive saliva, and abdominal pain. Acute fluorine is due to the explosion of industrial waste and fire smoke. It is not always because of drinking tap water, so make sure to improve your surroundings and take care of fire smoke and residues. The early symptoms are nausea, but if it is severe, seek the doctor or look for the reputed water filtration systems. 

Poor cognitive outcomes 

Before childbirth, if there is excess exposure to the fluorine, then it can lead to Neurological problems. Creating poor cognitive outcomes is due to neurotoxin, which prevails because of the excess of fluorine. Moreover, recommended that children less than the age of 6 years must not use the fluoride mouth wash. Swallowed toothpaste by children in early ages also creates poor cognitive outcomes in the future. Some milk contains fluoride and makes children suffer from bone decay. So, there must be milk containing fluoride-free water. These are the precautions by which you can save children from the Dental fluorosis.

Natureswater always guides you and highlights the good and bad side of fluoride in water. So we recommend you perform the steps to control the fluoride in water by installing proper water filtration systems. For booking and guidance, contact us 

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