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 Features of the best water softening systems

Hard water is a typical issue in the house. It can lead to many problems such as tainted apparatus and stained batches of clothing, and dry skin. If you are facing issues like these, then you need water softening systems that solve your problems.  The main element which makes the water harder is calcium and magnesium. A water softening system removes the calcium and magnesium in hard water and converts it into soft water. It also eliminates the iron in water and increases the quality of water and overall taste.

As you know, many models are available in the market. When selecting the best water softening system, you focus on several factors like the hardness level of your home water, your budget, the size and mixed water use for your household, and the mechanical functionality of a specific water softener.  It is necessary to find out the right water filters and softener system for your family and house. Here are some main features of the best water softening systems.

Right grain count

By the grain count, you can check the efficiency of the water softener. First, you know about the grain per gallon. It needs to determine the hardness of the water. Also, use to measure the best water softener for your house. Before buying the water softener, it is necessary to measure the presence of minerals that make your water hard.

You use a hard water map to evaluate the hardness level of the water. Also, check the annual drinking quality report of your area to estimates the water hardness. One grain is equal to the 1/7000th gallon of water. When you measure the grain per gallon of your house water, then you select the best water softening unit without any difficulty.

After measuring the grains per gallon, multiply the number of people in your house by the average number of a gallon an individual uses per day, which is 80. Multiply the result with the numbers of grain in your house’s water. Keep the outcomes in mind because these figures show that how much your softener unit removes the number of grains daily.  Purchase that water softener which exceeds your grain count requirement.

Removes high iron level

Calcium and magnesium are not only the elements that make the water hard. The iron also plays a role in making the water harder.  If the iron levels increase from 0.3mg/l, then it causes a stain, water discoloration, bad taste, deposits, and other aesthetic problems in the house. The iron in fewer amounts does not affect health. You can check the level of iron in water with the DIY kit. It is easy to use and affordable and also tests iron in water by your own senses.

  • Shade: Yellow, cloudy, brown
  • Oder: harsh or metallic
  • Taste: metallic and unpleasant

Use a water softener unit which can easily remove the iron traces in your water and give you clean drinking water.

Remove additional contaminates

Buy water softening system which removes extra pollute particle in water like sediment, and residue. A water filtration system also presents in it, which cleans the water with all harmful contaminates. It can help you to protect your family by smell, lead, dissolved solid particle, virus, bacteria, chemicals, cysts, sediments, and chlorine taste.  Some beneficial features also include in it like high flow valve, touch screen, low salt indicators, and water flow indicators.

Ultra-high flow valve

Purchase that water softening system that can fulfill the demand of everyone who lives in your home. An ultra-high flow valve is attached to every spa bath water softener. The purpose of it is to provide a continuous flow of pressure. If your plumbing system works accurately, at all times, you will get a good flow of soft water. When installing a water softener unit, the main concern of you is the pressure of your water supply. It should not extend 125psi. Take the softener unit, which gives you accurate pressure.


The best water softening unit comes with all instructions and details. The installation process is also very easy. It includes a bypass valve, connectors, and electrical outlets, etc. Purchase the unit along with the prescription, and you can understand the procedure of installation without face any difficulty.

Regeneration style

A water softener system is a great unit because it gives you soft water, which is beneficial for you. It will also work efficiently to avoid high energy bills. If you want to save energy and money, then buy a softer water unit that has regeneration technology. The regeneration cycle only done when necessary, not take place in a useless time. The timer on it can be adjusted to regenerate at a regular timetable.

The water softeners utilize the demand Regeneration Technique, which can save the householder from:

  • Salt
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Money

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