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Effects of iron and magnese on tap water

Effects of iron and manganese on tap water

Humans of the 22nd century have revolutionized himself industrially but are continually facing issues that come with this revolution. One of the most common problems faced by us is pollution. We also struggle every day to fight with Water, air, noise, soil, and light pollution. Among these, air and water pollution are the most important. As we need air to breathe all the time, we also cannot be just merely avid it. And Water is also the basic need of our Mother Earth and our bodies. Water makes up to 70% approximately of our Earth and bodies. So, it’s essential to understand what effects this 70% of our common living system. Today we will highlight about Effects of iron and manganese on tap water. Knowing the problem is the first step to fight with it. So, first of all we will see some common types of water pollutants. 

Types of water pollutants 

Common types of water pollutants are as follows:

  1. Pathogens
  2. Organic Pollutants
  3. Suspended solids and sediments
  4. Thermal and radioactive contaminants
  5. Inorganic contaminants

Let’s quick view these pollutants as their presence led to Effects of iron and manganese on tap water.

Inorganic Pollutants

There are several inorganic pollutants found in groundwater, which can be toxic to human health. Commonly, these are the few inorganic substances found:

  • Arsenic
  • Iron and Maganese etc.
  • Fluoride
  • Uranium
  • Iron and Manganese

Iron and Manganese are harmless substances that can be a nuisance in the water supply. Both are essential for humans on a controlled level. Beyond the required dose, if we exposed to both these substances, we can face serious health issues.

These particles mainly come from the Earth’s crust itself, but another source is the corroded pipes in the water supply system. Iron is the more frequent of the two chemicals, and Manganese found along with iron-bearing Water. Both these chemicals can affect the flavor and color of food and Water. Excessive iron in Water has a negative effect on hair and skin. Iron in Water leads to discoloration of hair and makes them dry. In regards to skin, iron effects skin cells also leading to wrinkles and similar issues. Manganese, on the other hand, affects mainly the respiratory tract and our central nervous system. It can have serious consequences as well, like hallucinations, forgetfulness, Parkinson’s, and bronchitis, etc.

Another problem which iron and manganese cause in Water is the growth of bacteria, which feeds on them. This bacteria also gives Water an unpleasant taste and smell.

Both, along with this bacteria, resulting in rusting and clogged pipes leading to the dirty drinking water systems.

Methods to remove Iron and Manganese from Water

It depends on the level of Iron and Manganese to decide which method to use to remove these from the water system. The followings are the primary ways to remove iron and Manganese:


Usually, oxidation used to remove these materials from the water system. Oxidation can be done through

  1. Aeration i.e., blowing air through Water
  2. Adding chemical oxidants like chlorine
  3. Adsorption i.e., activated carbon

Oxidation followed by filtration is the most common method used to purify water from Iron and Manganese residues.

Phosphate Treatment

Phosphate treatment is a cheaper way to treat low levels of iron and Manganese in Water. It’s compounds injected into the water system can stabilize and disperse dissolved iron. As a result, iron and Manganese aren’t available to react with oxygen and also get separated from the solution.

Ion Exchange

Water softeners allow ion exchange to replace iron and Manganese with sodium. But not all the water softeners can remove iron from Water. These replace one chemical with the other, and also a high concentration of sodium can cause serious health issues.

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