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Discuss the top 6 latest developments in water purification systems

Discuss the top 6 latest developments in water purification systems

In ancient times, the water was purified by many simple methods. Egyptians used to add Alum in the water to clean it. In the 19th century, scientists considered the use of the chlorine necessary to get rid of the disease. Which disease-causing organisms in the water. In this modern era, various water filtration systems are available in the market. That ensures the filtration of water free of microorganisms water purification systems.

Conventional water filtration systems have been advancing in technology day by day. This article will describe the top water-purifying technologies that have added innovation and comfort in our lives. Everyone can’t approach the Conventional water filtration system. Due to the complex structure, installation method, and the cost of the filters. Here are some easy and inexpensive methods that have added revolution in the world of water filtration systems. Let us have a look at the best ones:

  1. Nano filters

Nanotechnology works with so small particles that are even smaller than the width of human hair. Filters with Nanotechnology are not only capable of removing bacteria and other harmful particles rather these filters can easily detect and remove out toxic metals or elements like Arsenic.

Nano filters are more compatible as compared to conventional water purification filters. Nano filters consist of the smallest pores and unlike conventional water filters, require less water pressure to work efficiently.   

  1. Madidrop Ceramic disks

The Madidrop is a ceramic disc designed by the researchers at the University of Virginia. Madidrop disks contain silver or copper nanoparticles to kill microbes. Nanoparticles are a superb invention of the scientists that work as a single unit.

The specific feature of madidrop disk is that it can purify water from all kinds of microbes. You need to throw madidrop disk in the water container. The size of the Madidrop disk is just equivalent to a hamburger patty but it works surprisingly.

A demerit of using madidrop disk is that it is unable to purify the suspended particles from the water. If you intend to use madidrop disk as a water purification system. You need to do purification in two steps. First of all, you will purify water in a ceramic water pot to remove all suspensions in the water. And finally throw the madidrop ceramic disk is the water container to kill all microbes.  

  1. The Steripen

The Steripen is a handheld device based on Ultraviolet technology. Travelers in developing countries and the US army frequently. They use this device to purify the water of a specific area they are staying in. It can purify a liter of water within 90 seconds only. It can remove all kinds of microbes including bacteria, and viruses from the water.

Travelers moving in backward areas, hilly places, and countryside need not worry about the problem of clean water. The steripen weighs nearly 6.5 ounces and can easily fit into the backpack. You can carry it anywhere with you to get clean drinking water.

A downside of the Steripen is the inability to purify the suspensions. To cover it up, you have to pre-filter the water for removing suspensions and then place the steripen into the water pot to kill harmful microorganisms.   

  1. Removing Arsenic with plastic bottles

Another marvelous innovation in the water purification system is made by a chemistry professor at Monmouth University. The fact that 100 million people in the underdeveloped countries experience the water containing arsenic. People in these countries are unable to afford the expensive arsenic removing filtration systems.

In this cheap method, the pieces of plastic beverage bottles are coated with an amino acid called cysteine. When these coated pieces are placed in the contaminated water. The cysteine starts collecting all arsenic of the water leaving it arsenic-free. Later on, these pieces are removed and water is pure to drink.

  1. Toxin Eating bacteria

Fish tanks, water tanks, streams, and salty waters are often occupied by the algae.  That is harmful to human health. In this lieu, researchers introduced a new method of filtration at Gordon University, Scotland. The research identified more than 10 types of bacteria. That can engulf the algae and disease-causing microbes.

If bacteria engulf all algae present in the water, it may clean the water without the usage of any harmful chemicals.  

  1. Clay Ceramic water filters

The water that requires purification passes through the clay. The clay pot contains tiny holes that can allow the water to pass. But bacteria and other microbes and harmful agents are unable to pass through. Clay ceramic water filters do an excellent job while doing purification.

The downside of clay ceramic water filters is that the procedure of filtration is much slower. It purifies 2 liters water in an hour. Yet they are gaining popularity day by day due to unique scientific procedures. water purification systems

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