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Different ways for chlorine removal from water

Different ways for chlorine removal from water

Chorine used as a disinfectant to clean water. It also added to the swimming pool so that it looks clean and more bright. That’s why in the swimming pool, your eyes burn when they get in contact with chlorine water. It used to clean drinking water because it kills all the bacteria and germs in water, but the question is, is the chlorine itself safe to drink with water? No, it is not, chlorine is a highly toxic chemical that can be very dangerous if it’s infected water is drunk regularly. 

Here are some issues that one can face if he is drinking water with chlorine from an extended period. 

Chlorine Issues

Bladder Cancer

Chlorine reacts with organic compounds of water and forms some dangerous by-products that become the cause of bladder cancer. According to a survey, seventeen percent of bladder cancer is caused by drinking chlorine water.

Guts suffering

As chlorine used to kill bacteria in water, it can kill good bacteria in your intestines, too, resulting in colonic tumors.

Breast Cancer 

A survey on breast cancer states that most women with breast cancer have high chlorination levels than women who have no breast cancer.

Effects Nervous System 

Chlorine water can affect the nervous system of young children. Water should be treated before giving it to young children.

Ways to remove chlorine from water

Here are different ways to remove chlorine from water.

By Evaporation

Chlorine is a vaporous chemical and can evaporate very quickly. It is the cheapest but effective method to remove chlorine. Chlorine is gas at room temperature, and if you leave it solely for some time, the chlorine will evaporate entirely by itself. If you want to fade it more quickly, give it some heat and chlorine will evaporate in a matter of seconds.

By Filtration

Water filtration systems use a process to exclude all the dangerous chemicals from the water. Some of the filters have activated charcoal system in which chlorine ions molecularly bonded with the charcoal. In these filters, charcoal must be replaced after a specific time of period because they absorb chlorine ions, and they no longer remain efficient. These filters are commercially available and can remove almost all types of water pollutants.

By Chemical Neutralization

The other chemicals can neutralize chlorine ions, and the whole water will be safe for drinking. But as this process involves adding chemicals, so everyone cannot make it right. You should have appropriate knowledge of chemistry for using this process. Chemicals like potassium metabisulfite, sodium thiosulfate, and sodium sulfite mostly used to remove chlorine ions from water. 

By using Lime

It is not such a popular method but an effective one. When Lime added to chlorine water, and the result of that becomes an anti-bacterial solution that also removes the chlorine residuals. Moreover, Lime is also used to softens the hard water and also removes arsenic from the hard water. 

Natureswater suggest different ways for removing chlorine and hardness from water in Ireland. We implant different filtration devices in your homes to ensure safe drinking water. For more information contact us

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