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Different watercolors and contaminants presence

Different watercolors and contaminants presence

There is no match of the beauty of white color. It depicts innocence, safety, cleanliness, purity, and heavenly feeling. So, are the water-colors other than white are impure? We as a human under the influence of beauty of white color do not like to drink water other than white color. Although, the pure watercolor also has a tint blue shade in it as well. Nowadays, because of industrial advancements and as a result, pollution increases, watercolor has become a slight brown or yellowish. Well, this color is due to the presence of different contaminants. So, today we will discuss different watercolors and contaminants’ presence. It is important to note that watercolor should not be the criteria to judge whether the water is pure or impure. Only the water testing through different chemicals and Ph level of water can exactly tell us that is this water is pure or impure.

Here is the list of different watercolors and contaminants present in them.  

Dissolved air 

Likewise, different contaminants are the reason for different watercolors. Air is also the reason of whitish and opaque/ hazy watercolor. We all know that there is a lot of air in cold water as compared to hot water. The hazy color of water due to water bubbles and is entirely harmless. But you must first check whether the white color of the water is due to water bubbles or the presence of organic and inorganic materials. As the water flows through the ground, it embeds the natural materials in itself and starts showing the white color. Moreover, the suspended water in the well, ponds also contains the inorganic materials and exhibits a cloudy color. 

Water test

If the color of the water is white when you fill it through the tap, then wait for the bubbles to settle down. After some time, if the white color disappears, then it was all due to dissolved air. But if the color of the water is still cloudy and there are little white particles moving in the water. Then this white color is due to the presence of organic and inorganic materials.

Brown sediments 

The discolored and brown water coming from the taps indicates the disturbance of the main water supply. Due to breakage or some constructions, makes the brown sediments add in the water, giving them a brown color. The brown water as a result of adjacent constructions clear up after sometimes; if not, then you must seek for a professional. Natureswater helps you in getting rid of impure water and ensures safe tap water. For booking and more information, contact us. 

Water test 

The brown or yellowish color of the water is due to two reasons. Maybe because of extra contents of iron in water or because of the adjacent construction. Keep the tap running for 20 minutes; if the water color changes from brown to transparent, then it is all due to nearby construction. If, after 20 minutes, watercolor is still brown, then install reverse osmosis or water softeners in your home for safe tap water. The brown water is not always poisonous and harmful. It all depends on the extent of iron contents in water. 


The colorless water or water with a slight blue tint considered pure water. This water also contains suspended materials and dissolved minerals. Blue color water is most of the times is not dangerous. The color blue of the water is due to the scattering of light. 

Water test 

The crystal clear water does not mean that it is pure. There are some invisible chemicals and contaminants in water, which are the reason for nausea and abdomen problems. There are water strips available, which shows you the level of impurities in water. So, first, test the water and then decide whether it’s pure or impure. 

Watercolor is not the guarantee that it is pure or impure. 

Yes, it can tell you about which contaminants are present in this specific color water but not confirm that it is pure or impure. 

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