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Different methods of water purification systems

Many people confuse the terms of water filtration and water purification systems. The purpose of both is the same, and that is to make the water safe for drinking and other purposes like industrial, household, and therapeutic activities. Water filters system follows the water purification, or we can say that it is a subset of water purification systems. The other difference which might help you in understanding their difference is that water filtration cleans the impurities while the water purification systems focus on eradicating all the contaminants from water. Here we will see different methods of water purification systems buy before that let’s have a quick generic view that what exactly are the water purification systems. 

Water purification systems 

The water purification systems ensure the overall safety of water by eradicating the invisible minerals, biological contaminants, chemicals, germs, and viruses. For the complete removal of impurities from water, purification works like a miracle. It is because it utilizes chlorine and iodine to build a chemical process to fight against harmful substances. In the current era, we are fighting against severe germs and bacteria. So the water filter system and water purification systems alone can not guarantee the 100% removal of impurities from tap water. The hydra solutions combining both are necessary to fight against current potent pollutants. Here are different methods of water purification systems for providing safe drinking water in different ways. 

Different methods

Different methods of water purification fight against the five different types of contaminants. These pollutants include minerals, particulates, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and bacteria, and they must follow water purification systems for making it safe and purely portable. The physical processes used in different methods for water purification are sedimentation, filtration, biological processes, and filtration. It also follows the chlorination and flouciation like chemical processes and ultraviolet light. Let’s see these different methods, one by one. 

Water disinfection 

The water purification process mainly uses chlorine as a disinfectant for deactivating microorganisms in the water. Water disinfection uses not only chlorine but also chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and several acids and bases for the removal of contaminants. The primary benefit of water disinfection is it’s remaining in water for long term protection from chemicals. Water disinfection also utilizes the procedure of physical disinfection for water purification. The physical disinfection done by heat, electronic radiation, sound, UV, and gamma rays.

Disinfection method mostly used in some countries after many purification processes such as filtration, coagulation, and oxidation. The disinfectant remains in the water after purification and acts as a shield. Let’s examine the other water purification processes. 


There are many water purification methods, and among them, filtration considered the best one because of chemicals from water. Reverse osmosis is also one of the most useful water purification methods, but still, it is not as effective as filtration. It is because it does not remove smaller molecular contaminants from water. Moreover, as compared to other water purification methods, it is cost-effective and consumes less energy. Filtration is also easy to implement and require fewer efforts in installing the filtering devices. 


We all know about the distillation process, which separates the different components based on their boiling points. So as the contaminants and water have different boiling points, so they get separated from each other easily by the distillation process. It is the process which follows the boiling and makes one of the components to turn into vapors. The vaporized components then condensed to transform it again into liquid form. The distillate, which is the liquid receive after the condensation, is the pure form of water. 


Boiling is one of the cheapest and oldest water purification methods. It follows the simple strategy that is to boil the water, till the bubbles start showing and then let it cool until the minerals and other contaminants settle down. The boiling procedure also makes the water pure by removing the pollutants challenging to see with the naked eye. 

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