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Dangers of arsenic in drinking water

Dangers of arsenic in drinking water

If you are facing the problems of leukopenia, diarrhea, cramping, and peripheral neuropathy, then it might be possible that there is high exposure of arsenic started in your body. We can also call it chronic arsenic exposure to a human body. Diabetes mellitus also occur because of increased contents of arsenic in drinking water because of chronic ingestion. It also poses serious health effects on the respiratory and immune systems. All the mammalian species faced teratogenic effects because of arsenic exposure. So, overall there are many dangers of arsenic in drinking water. Here we will highlight all the possible risks of arsenic and some precautions you must follow to get rid of severe health problems. 

Skin changes and cancer 

Firstly, we will mention that arsenic is harmful to the human body when exposure is for a long time. It is because it leads to cancer of kidneys, lungs, skin, and bladder. More prolonged exposure to arsenic also leads to darker skin and pigmentation. Not only the oral intake of arsenic through drinking water is dangerous, but also the inhalation at worksites can also result in adverse cardiovascular effects. Drinking lower or 50 µg/liter of arsenic-contaminated water results in lungs and bladder cancer. You guys will get shocked that lunges cancer caused due to arsenic exposure is also the same as smoking exposure. Hold on; here we are, taking you to the other dangers of arsenic in drinking water.

Negative impacts on cognitive development 

The stimuli, genetics, nutrition, and sensory development are the factors affected and exhibit adverse effects on cognitive development. Similarly, the prolonged exposure of arsenic results in the death of young adults. It is crucial to provide safe drinking water to young adults for proper cognitive development

Acute effects

Arsenic present in the groundwater include in the human body and exhibits severe consequences such as muscle cramping and abdominal pain. It can also lead humans to diarrhea, vomiting, and numbness. Short contents of arsenic for a more extended period results in severe effects and death in some cases. 

Shortness of breath 

Is arsenic a carcinogen? No, it is not, but it also exhibits the same breathing issues like smoking and carcinogen. Shockingly, even 50 micrograms per liter consumption of arsenic water lead to shortness of breath. Even the chain smokers and the people exposed to arsenic exposure through inhaling and absorption in higher contents faced less respiratory issues as compared to people who drank arsenic-contaminated water. 


Like all the health mentioned above issues, arsenic presence in drinking water makes humans suffer from Hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells) problem. The hemoglobin < 120 g/L reduces to this level, and even the bone marrow depresses. Arsenic exhibit many adverse effects on the human as it affects our blood fow, respiratory organs. It also makes us suffer from disorientation and hallucinations. The increased level of serotonin and dopamine reduces the norepinephrine levels of the brain region, and ultimately brain fluctuations start. 


The content mentioned above highlights the dangers of arsenic in drinking water and the importance of its removal from drinking water. So, the filtration systems such as the activated carbon and many other such water filtration systems. One thing more here is worth mentioning that boiling alone does not help in arsenic removal from drinking water. If you are in Ireland and need any advice related to safe drinking tap water, then contact Natureswater. For more information, contact us

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