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cost effective purification methods to drink healthy water

Cost effective water purification methods to drink healthy water

Consuming safe water is a birthright to every living organism on earth Cost-effective purification methods. Unfortunately, due to economic imbalance and difference in civilization, it is not possible to provide all the latest water filtration procedures to all communities around the globe. However, it never restricts them to access safe and drinkable water. There are numerous cost-effective and cheap water purification solutions available for the households, factories, and communities out there. Using these procedures eliminates the need for salt-less Water Softener or other high-tech water filtration systems.

The procedures are not only cost-effective but require less maintenance and sustainability for the long term in an environment. It lets the communities stand on their own with the filtration system. It is interesting to know about these systems and options.

Slow sand filtration

It is one of the cost-effective water purification systems for the whole community. To provide complete neighborhood clean and safe water it is the best option. The system includes multiple sections such as water storage tanks, aerators, free-filters, slow sand filters, disinfectants, and safe water storage tanks. The system requires having water stored in the first step and then requires a space to store it at the last step as well. For the factories or houses, it is one of the effective, low maintenance and workable option. Even the communities can get the system to support each other.


When it is about the easy to access and cost-effective option than boiling comes on the list as well. It is known for ages as one of the best options to purify water. One needs to have time and energy to boil the containers and then secure them for use. In many households, it is one of the convenient and obvious methods they use. It only requires gas to consume during the procedure. The areas with the availability of gas or other fuel options it seems one of the simple and best options. Boiling can easily remove the salt from the saltwater and eliminate the need for salt-less Water Softener.

Solar sterilization

The procedure is net to boiling but without using any gas heat but solar power that is free. Many people around the world are unable to boil water because they cannot afford fuel for it. On the other hand, filter installation is another impossible expense so solar sterilization seems a fine option. Nobody has to pay for the sunlight during the day. The procedure only requires a clear water bottle that is placed in the sunlight. After a few hours, UV radiation from the light kills microbes and bacteria from water and makes it safe to consume. It is one of the purification methods used in many parts of the world and known as a survival method. One can get a specifically designed bottle for solar sterilization that is safe for the procedure and identify when water is good for consumption.

Solar distillation

Many people confuse the term with solar sterilization but it is quite different and effective. We are moving forward to sustainable options for survival. The organic methods are always cheap, effective, and long-lasting. After the solar power, we do have options to clean water using solar energy. The solar distillation helps to purity muddy, salty, and undrinkable water as well. It works on the evaporation and condensation. The simple method of turning water into fumes and then again transforming them into water. It is a cost-efficient and one of the sustainable options to purify water without using any salt-less Water Softener. Although there is a need to develop, a system can benefit the whole community.


Another cost-efficient option to clean up water is the use of chlorine. It is easily available at all levels and massively used at the community level to clean up water. Chlorine has some of the extensive filtration portieres to kill all the unwanted germs, bacteria, and particles from the water. After using the chemical in water, it is necessary to let it sit for a little time before consumption. Moreover, there should be a balanced use of safe chlorine proportion in water to make it work for good.

Bone char filtration

It is one of the effective and cheap water filtration options. You do not have to use the salt-less Water Softener or other expensive hacks but a simple bone char filter. It comes with a specific technique and has crushed animal bone char in it. The crushed bones are one of the cheap, effective, and easily available resources in the local areas. Using it with a specific technique in the filtration tube helps to get clean and drinking water in no time. It is compact so there is no issue with its fixing and installation Cost effective purification methods.

For further techniques and information about the water filtrations methods click here.

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