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Limescale Hardness

Hard limey water is very easy to see visually if present in your water. By looking inside your
kettle you can tell if you have limescale in your water.  when heated the limescale creates a
whitish scale which attaches itself and sticks to the element eventually causing the kettle to
stop working. With hard water the lifespan of all of the appliances around your house are
greatly reduced. However, we can easily treat this issue to ensure all your appliances are
protected fully Read More……


If you are on the mains public water supply in Ireland then you are 100% certain to have plenty of the chemical called Fluoride in your drinking water. In Ireland the public water treatment suppliers have been inserting the chemical Fluoride for many years which has brought about much bickering from anti-fluoride lobby groups who continue to lobby the government to stop the Fluoridation of the public tap water supplies.

Other products that have fluoride in them include many cleaning products and varnishes , toothpastes , mouthwashes , cement , pesticides and many other general items. The argument from the pro fluoride groups is that Fluoride is good for the tooth enamel. However , anti- Fluoride lobby groups question why we are forced to swallow the water containing the Fluoride (as we spit out toothpaste and mouthwash!). The reason the anti-Fluoride groups are so unrepentant and are growing in numbers is the continuous links of our excessive exposure to Fluoride to Bone Disease , cardiovascular complications , acne and even the likes of Neurological concerns such as ADHD etc. Each side has the arguments and various papers to stand by their corner.

The one thing that is obvious is it that there is certainly little or no advantage in swallowing water with the chemical Fluoride in it and there is only one way to remove the Fluoride from your drinking water fully.

The solution is to install the only drinking water system to remove both Organic Fluoride (found naturally in water through the ground) and the Chemical Fluoride (which is a by product from other chemicals mixed to make Chemical Fluoride as we know it ) added in Irish Mains water supplies.

The Irish Model NSF Reverse Osmosis System is the safest and best solution to this and will ensure to remove all the chemical Fluoride from your drinking water Read More……

Iron and Manganese

Iron and Manganese is prevalent in many well water supplies around Ireland. Generally it is fairly obvious that there is iron or manganese in the water as there can often be a staining of various colours from red / brown / yellow / red / black depending on the exact make up of the water. We can remove the iron and manganese from your water professionally and safely to ensure all your household appliances are protected fully Read More……


A chemical we all know is inserted into our public water supplies at the treatment centres is the chemical called chlorine. There is many chemicals inserted but one that is obvious to us due to the actual quantities inserted and to the pungent smell is Chlorine. The same chlorine is put into swimming pools to treat the water. In fact, its hard to believe although it is true, the EPA allows a higher level of chlorine in tap water (4 parts per million/ppm) than the recommended chlorine levels for public swimming pools (1-3 ppm). To remove all the chlorine and other chemicals from your drinking water only , the best solution is the Irish Model NSF Reverse Osmosis system Read More……

However, with the increase in skin (etc itchy rashy skin ) and hair complaints (etc: hair going yellow or green after getting expensive highlights or hair dye) being attributed to chlorine and chemicals In the water, many people are now also looking to remove the chlorine from the entire house ensuring that they can bathe comfortably in baths and showers knowing that their skin is not absorbing all the chlorine into their bodies. The Filtercal Chlorine and Chemical removal system is an amazing system to alleviate this issue Read More……

Trihalomethanes ( THM’s)

With the high levels of Chlorine inputted into our water along with many other chemicals there is always the chance of creating other chemicals as each mixes together. When some organic matter in the water prior to treatment is mixed with high levels of Chlorine, there is always the risk of creating a by-product of chlorine called Trihalomethanes or THM’s for short. This by- product is certainly unwanted and has been linked to some very serious health issues. To remove all the Trihalomethanes and other chemicals like its parent Chlorine from your drinking water only , the best solution is the Irish Model NSF Reverse Osmosis system Read More……

As with Chlorine , The trihalomethanes thm’s and other chemicals and heavy metals are now causing people to worry about absorbing it into our bodies particularly during bathing or showering as chlorine and its byproducts are absorbed easily into our bodies as we wash. The Filtercal Chlorine and Chemical removal system is an amazing system to alleviate this issue Read More……


A lot of our plastic unrecyclable waste ends up in our oceans, rivers and lakes. Most plastics then break up into very small particles. These small plastic bits are called “microplastics.” They pass unchanged through our waterways and into our drinking water. A recent study concluded that we in Ireland could each be ingesting 5 grams or the equivalent to a credit card size amount of plastic per week. To remove all the microplastics and other chemicals from your drinking water only , the best solution is the Irish Model NSF Reverse Osmosis system Read More……

To remove Microplastics from your shower water , The Filtercal Chlorine and Chemical removal system is an amazing system to alleviate this issue of removing microplastics and other chemicals or heavy metals Read More……

Colour and Odour

A lot of the colour and odor in water can be caused by organic matter. There is many issues that can also be causing colour issues such as iron and manganese , heavy suspended matter , ammonia and turbidity . If the colour and odor is organic matter causing turbidy and suspended solids then we recommend the installation of a Filter Ag Unit to combat this completely.

If the odor is a rotten egg smell then you can be sure that there is high levels of Sulphur in the water which is extremely unpleasant. (See Suplhur section to learn more on how we can treat this for you)

( To remove all tastes and odours from your drinking water only ,regardless what is causing them , we can remove them all entirely. The best System for this is the Irish Model NSF Reverse Osmosis system Read More……)

To remove tastes or odours from your entire house, we will need to decipher the exact cause and treat accordingly. Please attach your water test results by clicking on the option below or click to get a test carried out if you have not done so already.


There is many areas around Ireland where there is an increased level of Sulphur in the well water. Sulphur water is a very distinctive condition in that it gives off a very strong rotten egg smell which is quite unpleasant. The reason for this is that the water contains a high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas that escapes into the air when the tap is opened giving the terrible pungent bad eggy smell. The Sulphur is asexual and grows itself on the soil and earth othen around wells were it is prevalent so the only way to stop it causing the unpleasantness is to install the filter discussed below.

The only real meaningful test required for Sulphur is the smell test and this can be done by yourself in your own home. Simply pour out a glass of water from your tap into a glass and leave it sitting for 30 minutes. If after 30 minutes the rotten egg smell is still present then that is 1mg. If it is gone then it is less than 1mg. Continue for more 30 minute intervals until the smell has completely gone. The rule of thumb is that if the Sulphur test is anything from 1mg (30mins) to 6mg (3 hours) then we can completely remove it from the entire property using a very specific type of carbon known as Centaur carbon, mixed with air inside a large 56” vessel and a Clack auto backwash head, which sucks in the air as well the water passing through the media to eliminate the Sulphur. A standard carbon will not suffice, it require specific Centaur carbon and % of air versus media to fully remove the issue.

Click here for the Centaur Carbon PDF datasheet

Contact us below to talk with a professional on arranging Sulphur removal from your water.

pH Correction

For a water supply with a pH lower than 6.5, it is considered acidic water, and water with a pH greater than 7 is considered basic. The normal range for pH in surface water systems is 6.5 to 8.5.Water with a PH over 8 would be considered to be more Alkaline.

The ph of the water is critical in a number of ways. Firstly , a low ph (below 6.5) is not recommended as it can be very corrosive to metal or any appliances. In some cases it can leave green or blue stains on baths , taps , copper pipes and radiators which can be an indication that the ph is low and the water is acidic. Extreme cases of low ph acidic water have damaged the pipework and appliances so much that is has cut open the metal itself.

With this being the case, it is obviously not recommended to drink water with a low ph level below 6.5. We can increase the ph level around your home quite easily. We first need to determine the exact ph of the water and from this we will custom build the filter vessel with the necessary media to rectify the issue.

The medias used for this range from calcite , juraperle and corosex . Depending on the pH level , all of one media or a mix of the multiple medias are used.

Click here for the Juraperle PDF datasheet

Click here for the Corosex Media PDF datasheet

Contact us below to talk with a professional on arranging PH Correction for your water.

Bacteria Total Coliforms / Enterococci / E-coli

Over the last number of years there has been a massive increase in the contamination of well water due to a multitude of factors resulting in levels of total coliform bacteria , enterocci and e-coli being found in the water. It is not advised to drink or bathe in water that is known to have any coliforms in it whatsoever. The good news is that it is fairly easy to protect against Read More..


Arsenic can be present in your well water supply due to a number of reasons. Either the Arsenic is from natural deposits in the earth or even due to industrial or agricultural pollutants.

Boiling your water will not remove Arsenic , in fact it may indeed increase its concentrated levels as water is evaporated during the boiling process. Bleaching , chlorinating or any adding of chlorine will not remove Arsenic either.

There is 2 options available. One is to remove the Arsenic for one tap only at your kitchen sink .

To do so , the best solution is the Irish Model NSF Reverse Osmosis system Read More….

However, many people opt to remove the Arsenic levels in the entire house. This is achieved by installing in a 10×44 filter vessel with a Clack Auto back wash head valve , containing a special mix of Bayoxide media inside .This is installed after the pump and expansion vessel but before the water enters the property. After this 10 x 44 Arsenic Bayoxide Filter unit is installed, the arsenic will be removed from the water.

Click here for the Bayoxide PDF datasheet

Contact us below to talk with a professional on arranging Arsenic removal from your water.


Levels of Ammonia in some well water can be over the advised ammonia limits. Water with a
high ammonia level can be removed easily with cation resin used in an ion exchange water
softener. Click the link here to the water softeners section.

See below the accepted levels of Ammonia. (Note that the unit of analysis shown is mg/l , some
test labs show results in ug/l , so in that instance divide the ug/l x 1000 to get the mg/l result)

Ammonia -N(Mg/l)
MAC value EU (0.23)

If there are other contaminants like turbidity,color,odor,iron,manganese, magnesium to name a
few ,that are over the recommended levels in addition to Ammonia, we would require checking
these levels also before advising the solution required as the treatment could require a Filter Ag
Unit and/or CrystalRite unit, if the other levels are high in addition to Ammonia.

Nitrates and Nitrites

Nitrates and nitrites are commonly found in well water supplies on or close to farmland in
rural areas. The chemical fertilisiers used on farmland contain a lot of nitrates and/or nitrites
and this is one factor in it entering the water table. Nitrate is a chemical seen in most fertilizers,
manure, and liquid waste discharged from septic tanks and soak pits. Nitrite is prevalent in most
fertisilers and in liquid waste from septic tanks also. There is very little difference between
nitrates and nitrites other than the number of oxygen atoms is different to one another.

Drinking water with high levels of nitrates and/or nitrites is not advised , particularly for babies.

Boiling your water will not remove the nitrates or nitrites, it actually could make the
concentration of them higher as the water evaporates.

To remove all the nitrates and nitrites from your drinking water , the best solution is the Irish
Model NSF Reverse Osmosis system Read

See below the accepted levels of Nitrates and Nitrites. (Note that the unit of analysis shown is
mg/l , some test labs show results in ug/l , so in that instance divide the ug/l x 1000 to get the
mg/l result)

MAC value EU (11.3)
MAC value EU (0.03)

For wholehouse removal of nitrates and nitrites, we install a strong nitrate specific resin inside an 8×35 Litre vessel with a Clack auto backwash volumetric head with ion exchange and a 35L brine tank. This will reduce the levels of nitrates and nitrites all over the property. It is advised to install both the wholehouse nitrate filter unit aswell as the point of use Reverse Osmosis system when nitrate levels are high.

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