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Buying Guide To Select Best Water Filter System

Buying Guide To Select Best Water Filter System

Buying Guide To Select Best Water Filter System . The industrialization of the world has affected our environment the most! Today, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat – everything is contaminated with harmful toxins and particles like lead, chromium, and many more! Every year, a large number of people suffer from dysentery diseases due to consumption of unpurified water. 

Not only this, one of the major reasons for the growing number of cancer patients all over the world, is the lead present in the water! Isn’t it scary? Obviously, it is – which is why – the water filter system – was introduced. 

These water purifiers are designed to remove all the harmful particles, substances, microorganisms, dust & dirt from the water we drink. Water filters improve the quality of water, protect our physical health, and prevents rusting, plumbing issues & limescale buildups!

Having a water filter is important more than ever! with so many options – it gets overwhelming. And most of the time homeowners end up buying the wrong. But you need not worry – as in this article we have shared some factors that you should look when buying a water filter for your home. 

Things That You Need To Consider In Water Filter:

Whether you are planning on buying new water filter or replace your existing one – here is a list of factors that you must always consider:


  • The Filtration Rate:


The first and foremost thing that plays a key part in deciding the efficiency of a water filter system – is its filtration rate! While most people may overlook this factor – the wise ones will always pay close attention to it. The filtration rate is the maximum amount of filtered water that a filter system can produce in a day.

Of course, every other filter system has a different filtration rate. So how to decide which one is perfect for you? It’s simple – pick the one with the filtration rate equal to or greater than your regular water consumption.


  • Percentage Of Contamination Removal:


The purpose of installing a water filter is to improve the quality of water by removing all the toxins and contaminants. However, not all the filters available in the market are efficient enough to remove all the water contaminants.

Each filter has a certain number of contaminants that they can remove from tap water. The best ones are with the number 60 – that ensures the removal of almost all the substances, particles, parasites, and micro-organisms from the tap water. Then 40 and the least effective are the ones with 25 contaminants removal capacity. 


  • Quality of Filtered Water:


Getting rid of harmful substances like lead, chromium, sodium, parasites, etc is one thing. What makes a water purifier a good choice is the overall quality of the filtered water. It means that filtered water must be free from any pungent smell and foul taste. The water must appear clear and transparent. Furthermore, you must have a filter that maintains the normal ph of water that is 7 without removing the minerals & nutrients from the water.


  • Filtration Process:


Now there is more than one type of water filter in the market. These filters not only differ in respect of design – but also uses different filtration processes. For example, there are sediment filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis filters, and ion exchange filters, etc. so, you have to pick the water filter according to the type of water you are dealing with.


  • Installation & Operating Costs:


One of the most significant factors in water filters is their overall installation costs and operating costs! The installation cost is what you need to spend on the purchase and then the installation of the equipment. It could vary based on multiple factors. 

In addition to the installation costs – there’s operating cost also attached to water filters. Operating costs are the expenses that are required to start the filtration process. For example, the removal of cartridges of the filters comes under this category. Plus, the electricity it consumes also makes up the operating cost.

So when you are selecting a filter system for your home – it is important to consider both of these factors – and ensure whether a specific filter suits your budget or not?


  • Maintenance Need & Costs:


No matter which water filter system you intended to use – each and every one of them requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll be throwing your money into the fire! While some filters may require very little and inexpensive maintenance service, filters with cartridges are high maintenance! Therefore, when selecting a filter system for your home – you must also take this factor into consideration!

Final Thoughts!

Having a water filter system is a luxury that has become the need for everyone! Without filter systems, we are putting our health and even life at risk. However, as much as it’s important to install a filter system – it is also crucial to carefully select the right one! There is no harm in spending some time, researching and reading about a filter system – before welcoming it to your home!

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