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Boiling water Notice in Ireland

Boiling water Notice in Ireland

A notice issued recently in Ireland to boil water before consumption. It is because of the turbidity and cloudiness rise in water up to unacceptable levels. It happened due to heavy rainfalls in the area which happened to wash a large amount of organic matter in the reservoirs. As the risk of contamination is high, therefore, the government has issued a Boiling water Notice in Ireland till the time results confirmed. Awaiting results need approval by statutory authority on public health matters – Health Service Executive. 

Areas in which boiling water notice issued 

This notice mainly issued after a mechanical problem at the Leixlip treatment plant caused concerns on the quality of Water. Usually, in such situations, plants are shut, and water supplies are prevented from reaching the network until the time it’s fixed. The closure of plants is affecting many people so instead of completely shutting down, boiling water notice in Ireland issued. The affected areas include parts of Fingal, regions of Dublin City Council, parts of South Dublin County Council, portions of Kildare, and Dunboyne in Meath.

Latest update regarding boiling water notice 

Speaking about the Boil Water Notice, Eamon Gallen, Irish Water’s General Manager, said, “Irish Water acknowledges and apologizes for the impact and inconvenience caused by this Boil Water Notice to homes and businesses. Disappointed over issuing boiling water notice again. But as we outlined the last time, our number one priority is the public health and the safety and well-being of our customers.

“The choice we faced with was customers having a severely restricted water supply for a long period. They also faced contaminated water  for sanitation purposes such as showering and flushing of toilets. We left with no option. But to resume production at the old plant in the knowledge that a Boil Water Notice would then be necessary.  Collaboration with Fingal County Council to get the Boil Water Notice lifted as soon as possible, subject to consultation with the EPA and HSE.”

This notice was rescinded recently but imposed again due to an increased risk of contamination. Politically, this has become a serious concern as authorities seem to be failing in ensuring health safety for the public at large. Boiling water notice issues to deal with the issues at the process plant. It may have also compromised the disinfection process, which makes the Water safe to drink.

Health authorities are investigating the causes of this mechanical issue. They have come to know that proper processes aren’t in place to ensure appropriate water treatment. Irish Water has apologized for the impact and inconvenience caused by the issue, stating that public health is its number one concern. 


Till the time health authorities revoke the notice. Here are precautions to adapt to avoid any emergencies related to public health. 

  1. Boil water for drinking and preparation of food or related items. During boiling water notice even filter water is not safe to use. Only use boil water and use it after cooling it for every purpose. 
  2. Also, use boiling water for brushing teeth.
  3. However, use ordinary tap water for personal hygiene or toilet flushing. 

There are also numerous benefits of boiling water, so make it a habit to get additional strength to your health. We have fully operational water treatment or filtration plants.

Special care for Babies

While bathing children, special attention required during boil water notice. Make sure that babies do not swallow tap water.

Avoid Natural mineral water during such notice. Prepare milk and wash bottles with boiled water. 

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