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Best ways to store water

Best ways to store water

Water is the blessing of God, so use it wisely and always try to save as much water as you can. But most of us only store water in an emergency situation. Can there be life without water? The end of the world will occur when there is no water on earth. So, shake hands with us to get to know the best ways to store water.

Why is there a need to store water? 

If you ask for reasons why we must store water, then our answer would be one. No water, no life. So you must always store water to use in emergencies. Water storing habits will also make you learn how to use water effectively, leading to water saving. More water saved, the more the world will remain. Most of the time, we save water for utilizing in the hour of need, such as earthquakes and volcanic erosion. If you have problems with contaminated water after a few months, then you must store clean water as much as you can. Like in Ireland, when boiling water notice issued, people utilized their stored clean water. So, here we are going to explain the best ways to store water. 

Soda bottles and gallon jugs 

We use soda bottles such as coke, Pepsi daily. The cheap and the best way to store water is not to throw empty soda bottles and start saving water in them. You can easily store drinking water in these bottles and can also place them in refrigerators to use them when needed. It is an excellent practice to utilize that saved water in the time of five days. The soda bottles are suitable for storing drinking water. If you want to store water for the sanitary and preparing food purposes, then gallon jugs are best to store a large quantity of water. In gallon jugs, you can store water for six months. If in the time of 6 months you did not utilize that water, then replace water from those gallon jugs. Moreover, add 2 to 3 drops of unscented bleach for the significant preservation of water.

Large containers  

If you want to store water in large vessels such as Gallon barrels, then try saving after boiling water. It will keep the water fresh for an extended period. Firstly, boil the water and then allow it to cool. Moreover, add oxygen in water by shifting the water two or three times in different containers. The addition of oxygen and boiling will preserve the water for a long time.

Rain barrels 

It is one of the best ways to save water. It comes up with a lot of benefits, such as reduced erosion and runoff pollution. So, install a proper system of storing water through rain barrels and utilize it for different purposes. You can use it for conserving water, promoting soil and plants healthy. You can also easily wash the car’s parts with this water. Rainwater is pure, but because of atmosphere contaminants, it becomes impure. So, if you want to utilize the rain for drinking purposes, filter it by using different water filtration methods. 


Besides, all the ways mentioned above to save water, you can also save them by using the glass jars, blue cans, gallon jugs, and water bricks. It all depends on your need and possibilities that how can you save water for different purposes. You can save water for various purposes, but if you want to save it for drinking, then you must follow the water filtration methods. Storing water for long-time initiates viruses and bacteria and can pose harmful effects. So, use different water filtration methods such as activated charcoal, boiling, filtercal, and Uv sterilizers. If you want the best filtration services in Ireland, then Contact Natureswater. For booking and more information, contact us

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