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Benefits of Tri-Flow 3-way tap

Benefits of Tri-Flow 3-way tap

The best thing about innovation is that it has opened ways to put any and every thought in our mind related to comfort on the table and make our lives easier. That is the only reason we keep on getting different exciting products which are not only bringing us ease but also help us be more hygienic and make our houses more beautiful and organized. Innovation with a touch of social responsibility sounds like a great achievement. The versatile benefits of Tri-Flow 3-way tap are a practical example of this phrase. 

Why the need for tri-flow 3-way tap evolved? 

Water is a gift from the mother’s nature to us, which needs to be used with great care so our next generations can have the same and an even better standard of living. To fulfill this purpose, 3-way water tap is another innovation in recent days which provides incredible solution of pure water for families. This tri-flow mixer tap has the features of a traditional double handle tap and gives the additional benefit of filtered water. Due to increased pollution, we are always in fear of using dirty water. Therefore, it is imperative to have the peace of mind to get filtered water all the time. Moreover, this product helps us save water too as we don’t need to drain water to get the appropriate temperature.

Most notably, followings are the benefits of Tri-Flow 3-way tap. 

Tri-Flow advantage

It has two or three levers which help to distinguish between hot, cold, and filtered water. It means it has all the required functions and is convenient and comfortable. This tri-flow effect eliminates the risk of re-contamination as well. Additionally, alerts can be customized to identify the need to replace the filters if needed. 


Its installation is effortless and doesn’t need to make any changes in our homes. There’s no need to drill any holes, but it can be installed with the existing taps. Some tri-flow taps are compatible with any filters available in the market. Hence, help to manage cost as well.

 Variety in designs

This tap is available in different designs, adaptive with existing home design. Mostly, people are used to changing the look and feel of the home frequently. This tap is ideal for them as well. Whenever it starts to feel monotonous by keeping on using the same tap, it must replace immediately.


This tap is user-friendly and helps to reduce cost as well as saving water. So, it’s a perfect blend of cost efficiency and economical. It gets to connect to the under sink water filter to efficiently provide the cold, hot, and filter water on the go. There is no need to add the additional filters to get the safe drinking tap water. Generally, the cold water coming from the Tri-flow three-way tap considered as the filtered water, and the hot water is not safe for drinking, and you should also not use it for making tea and coffee. 

To get install the versatile designs of Tri-flow 3 way taps in your home, contact us. Natureswater deals with all the tap water and unfiltered problems in Ireland. Get resolve your home water problems in minutes. We also install the best reverse osmosis filters and whole home water softeners. 

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