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Alarming realities of tap water chemicals

Alarming realities of tap water chemicals

Have you ever noticed why we started to look pale and less fresh as compared to the past? We only think it is all because our immune system has weakened to a great extent. It’s all because of air, water, land, thermal, and radioactive rays affecting our environment. There is an interconnection between all of these environmental conditions. If one of these is not in the right order, others will get affected automatically. If you tackle one of these problems, the other will also start showing positive results.

The essential need of life

Water is a crucial need in our life. A person can live without a home, basic life necessities. But if there is no water and air, then there is no survival of life. So, let’s start with the alarming realities of tap water chemicals. If your drinking water is not contaminated, then your overall health will be in order. Whether skin, kidneys, or other body parts, all are dependent on the clean water. Here we will expose the alarming realities of tap water chemicals. There is a need to get rid of these chemicals and to install proper water filtration devices. Otherwise, contaminated water can lead you to death.


Yes, it is true. Be aware of aluminum in tap water. The small traces of aluminum may or may not affect health. But recent researches found high traces of aluminum in tap water. It affects human health to a great extent. Even it is also the cause of dementia. The human eye is not able to see microorganisms and harmful minerals. So, using tap water for drinking without filtration can be dangerous for health.


The tap water contains traces of radium. The daily consumption of radium can lead a human to diseases like kidney damage, congenital disabilities, and cancer. Sodium helps in removing radium from water by following the procedure of reverse osmosis. It also works as a water softener as it removes traces of radium from tap water.


The lead is present in your tap water in the cases when the main water service line made of lead. After some time, it starts to add in the tap water. So, as a precaution, install main water service lines made of steel. The added lead in the water primarily affects infants and growing children to a great extent. And for the people who think that boiling the tap water makes it safe for drinking. They are wrong as if you try to remove chemicals like lead and radium through boiling, it will affect the heath more.


Our tap water looks bright and shiny, but in reality, it also contains traces of selenium. It also affects human health to a great extent if taken regularly. That’s why we continuously emphasize water filtration through advanced methods, as boiling alone is not enough.


The water pipelines made of copper also led you to serious health issues such as liver damage, stomach cramps, vomiting, kidney stones, and diarrhea. The small amount of copper intake is not much harmful. But due to copper pipelines, it starts to add in your water daily. So, in these cases, if you have pipes made of copper, use filtration devices to remove copper from tap water.

Chloramine and chlorine

Although both of these chemicals used for cleaning the water. But the chloramine long persistence in water leads to water pollution. So, nowadays, chloramine replaced with chlorine. But both of these have a natural reaction with organic matter, and their long persistence affects health. One of the significant health problems that chlorine and chloramine causes are miscarriages. So, if it is in your tap water for cleaning purposes, use it properly through some filtration device. Otherwise, it can also damage your health.


In the middle of the 20th century, some countries added fluoride in the public water supplies as a prevention for tooth decay. But recent researches claim that increasing the use of fluoride has damaged the immune systems. It also has terrible neurological and gastrointestinal effects.

Not only the above mentioned but the pesticides, THMS, barium, nitrate, cadmium, and pesticides are also present in tap water. With the increase of new chemical products, launch traces of harmful chemicals are adding in to tap water daily. The alarming realities of tap water chemicals must handle with care; otherwise, it can lead you to severe eye and skin infections as well.

If you have a lousy odor in tap water and doubts that it contains harmful chemicals, then contact Nature’s water LTD. We solve Irish water treatment issues with the latest pieces of equipment and safe methods. We provide high-quality water analysis and treatment. Boiling water alone is not enough, so filter water and filter your body from various diseases. Contact Us


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