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7 Reasons Why You Must Have a RO Filter At Home

7 Reasons Why You Must Have a RO Filter At Home

7 Reasons Why You Must Have a RO Filter At Home. Our lives depend on water. Be its drinking, cooking, washing or cleaning – we can’t imagine our lives without this natural resource. For a healthy and balanced life – we are advised to consume a good amount of water daily – that’s 8 glasses of water.


However, it’s about drinking any water! Our lifestyles have affected our environment badly – including water contamination. Today the tap water we use – is most likely to contain harmful particles like lead, copper, etc. 


And no doubt, we have plenty of options such as distilled, natural spring and bottled water. Well, not everyone can afford to enjoy bottled water. Plus, it’s not a permanent solution! So what should you do? Should you continue drinking the unfiltered tap water? 


Obviously NO! You need a Reverse Osmosis Filter Reland – aka RO water filters in your home. We have listed 8 reasons why you need a RO filter and why is it beneficial?

Benefits of RO Filter Water Systems!

With Reverse Osmosis Filter Reland, anyone can have access to clean, refreshing and pure water easily at home. These filters are a cost-effective and one-time investment. Here is a list of all the reasons that having a RO filter at home is important!


  • Purify Water From Contaminants:


The tap water we consume contains lots of harmful toxins and contaminants. Although we can’t see or detect any particles in water with our naked eye – researches have shown that untreated tap water contains – lead, copper, arsenic, chromium, nitrates, and nitrites (hexavalent & trivalent) in high amount. 


Furthermore, it also contains fluoride, barium, radium, selenium, cyst (cryptosporidium) and total dissolved solids (TDS). All of these particles have harmful effects on our health. Drinking untreated tap water increases the risk of cancer, ulcer, kidney problems, and several other stomach problems. 


Water treated with the RO filter system is 100% pure from all such contaminants.


  • Reduces Sodium Content In Water:


Most people think that only hard water contains a high content of sodium. Well, in reality even soft water can also be a rich source of sodium. And it is bad news. The increased amount of sodium levels in tap water changes the taste of water as well as it affects our health. On the other hand, when the tap water passes through a Reverse Osmosis Filter Reland – the filter reduces the sodium content. RO filter systems are more efficient than a water softener. Moreover, when combined with water softener – they give the best water purification results.


  • The Taste Of Water Is Spectacular:


One of the most significant reasons for having a reverse osmosis water filter at your home – is the taste of water! Reverse osmosis water tastes better even than bottled water. And why wouldn’t it be? With all the impurities and contaminants like lead, copper, nitrates, etc removed – the water tastes like as if you are drinking natural spring water.


  • Crystal Clear Water:


Have you ever noticed that untreated tap water looks cloudy? Not only the water but when you make ice from it – the ice doesn’t look clear either. That’s because of the impurities and high sodium content in water. But when treated with an efficient RO filter – you get crystal clear, transparent water and ice.


  • No More Plumbing Issues:


If you are having clogged plumbing pipes, limescale buildup or rusty faucets, etc – it’s because the water you are using contains a high amount of toxic elements. But you can easily get rid of this problem. The solution is simple and that is installing a RO filter system along with a water softener plant. And there would be a significant change. 


  • Kill Bacteria In Water:


Do you know that unfiltered water contains many harmful parasites and bacteria like  Guinea worm, schistosomiasis, amebiasis, cryptosporidiosis (Crypto), and giardiasis, etc? As difficult as these are to pronounce – their effects are even scarier. The presence of these parasites and bacteria causes serious diseases leading to severe pain, disability, and even sometimes death! Therefore, having a RO filter is necessary – as it kills all the parasites and bacteria – making water safe to drink.


  • Save Your Money:


One of the reasons why you should install a RO filter is that it saves you a lot of money! With this filter plant, you don’t have to buy bottled water – it minimizes your plumbing maintenance costs – and also saves you from spending money on medicines. It’s a one-time investment – that is not very expensive to buy & install either.

No Harmful Effect On Health!

With so many rumors and myths circling around about Reverse Osmosis Filter Reland – people hesitate to install it. However, the truth is that reverse osmosis treated water is 100% safe to drink. Its pH level is less than the acids present in our stomach, it does not use any chemical or agent to clean water. Yes, RO water is not loaded with nutrients, and neither does tap water! Hence it is perfectly safe to install a RO filter at your home!

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