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Water Coolers

water coolerThis freestanding water cooler provides chilled and room temperature filtered water options from the chilled and room temperature nozzles. As this cooler takes its feed from the mains water, this is the most inexpensive way of providing cool, filtered water to your office, gym or home as it eliminates the cost of continually replacing bottled water.

How our water coolers work

Our water cooling systems involve the passage of water through two filtering stages:

  1. Sediment Reduction, which removes any heavy sediment, hard lime, dust and visible particles.

  2. Activated Coconut Carbon Filtering, which removes chlorine and reduces organic contaminants like chlorine and pesticides, leaving you with beautiful chilled filtered water on tap.

Why squander loads of money on expensive bottled water when you can have a continuous filtered supply of fresh drinking water from our water coolers?

Water cooler specifications

  • Water Output: Chilled or room temperature
  • Cold Output Capacity: 12 l/h
  • Room Temp. Output Capacity: 16 l/h
  • Filtration: Sediment and activated carbon dual filtering
  • Cold Water Tank Capacity: 5L
  • Approx. Dimensions: Height 1,000mm, width 340mm, length 335mm
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