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Reverse Osmosis Filter System

reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Available in Ireland

For optimum performance and the best quality drinking water we install the 5 Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in Ireland.

This system is installed neatly under your kitchen sink and will take a feed from your cold water pipe, filtering your water down to the highest possible clarity, removing unwanted chemicals, bacteria and other harmful substances. For a full specification and technical characteristics on the reverse osmosis water purification system please click and view the PDF attached below:

Aquafilter Reverse Osmosis System

Below is a summary of the minimum percentage reduction of impurities removed through the Proline reverse osmosis filter. In the vast majority of Irish tap waters it is in fact a 99% removal rate of most of the elements/compounds below, however, the percentage values below are based on the feed water being the worst possible feed water.

Aquafilter reverse osmosis system

Element / Compound Reduction
Odium 90-95%
Calcium 93-98%
Magnesium 93-98%
Aluminium 93-98%
Copper 93-98%
Nickel 93-98%
Zinc 93-98%
Barium 93-98%
Carbonates 93-98%
Chlorine 90-95%
Bicarbonates 90-95%
Nitrates 45-55%
Phosphates 93-98%
Fluoride 93-98%
Cyanide 90-95%
Sulphates 90-95%
Boron 40-45%
Arsenic 93-98%

Add-ons to the Reverse Osmosis Filter System

This reverse osmosis water purification system can be installed on its own, purely for the drinking water only, but many people will install this system in addition to a wholehouse filter system (limescale,iron,coliforms removal systems etc.). This way they have the best quality drinking water as well as the softest, clearest water around the rest of the house with the other system.

For more information on reverse osmosis water filters in Ireland or for a quote, contact us here.