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Pre-Filter Cartridges for Water Purification

prefilteringWhether installing a water softener, an ultraviolet sterilisation system or an iron and manganese filter, it is always advised to add a sediment pre-filter to protect the treatment equipment from unnecessary sediment, debris or particles. This is especially needed for water supplied from a private well.

There are four main options for sediment pre-filter protection: 10" x 2.5", 10" x 4.5", 20" x 2.5" and 20" x 4.5". We use three types of sediment particle filters: PP Spun Melted, String Wound Cartridges or Pleated Cartridges.

The quality of the water supply going into the system will determine the size and cartridge type advised. The sediment filter will be changed periodically for a very small cost, so for the benefit of protecting the water treatment equipment, added to the relatively inexpensive cost, it makes sense to add a pre-filter.

Why purchase water pre-filters from Nature’s Water?

We don’t just sell you water filters and leave it at that – we impart sound advice on the best one for you so that your home has a consistent supply of fresh, clean water.

We can advise you on the pre-filter micron rating required for your water. In some cases, more than one stage of pre-filtering is used but generally never more than three stages. If using more than one stage, the higher micron rating cartridge will be the first cartridge the water goes through before moving down to the lower micron rating cartridge. This allows for maximum efficiency and longevity from the cartridges absorbing the sediment particles.

Contact Us for advice on the best pre-filtration water filter for you.