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Limescale Remover


Nature's Water Ltd. specialises in limescale removers in Ireland. If you're looking for smoother, cleaner and clearer water, we can help.

Limescale removal

What causes Limescale?

While passing through rocks and soil, water dissolves lime into itself and water containing dissolved limestone is believed to be quite hard. After this hard water is heated, the lime then returns to a solid state known as limescale, which as you might know causes scaling problems in household equipment such as kettles, showers, dishwashers and washing machines. In turn, these items become less efficient and require an above-average frequency of servicing, while limescale greatly increases the costs of heating water.

How Does a Limescale Remover Work?

The best way of eliminating hardness from your water is to install a limescale remover from Nature’s Water Ltd. so that you can enjoy 100% soft water in your home or business. We will not only provide you with a reliable, long-lasting limescale remover; we can also install the system for you at home or in the office after carrying out a thorough assessment of the location and system specifics, so contact us for a quote. If you would like a full water analysis from our laboratory to ensure that limescale is the only issue, you can arrange a water test with us.

The Benefits of Limescale Removal

  • The smooth touch of the water makes showering a more pleasant experience.
  • Softened water makes your hair softer and more manageable.
  • Your clothes will be softer and cleaner after washes.
  • Your tableware will be cleaner and shinier after dishwashing.
  • You’ll spend less on shampoos, washing powders and similar products.
  • Our limescale filters remove all existing scale from showers, dishwashers and washing machines, as well as eradicating stains on shower doors, sinks and baths.
  • It removes any scale which might otherwise float on top of your tea.
  • It makes your heating systems more efficient and helps to reduce utility bills.
  • It reduces the frequency with which your appliances need to be serviced.