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Limescale Remover


Nature's Water Ltd. specialises in limescale removers in Ireland. If you're looking for smoother, cleaner and clearer water, we can help.

Limescale removal

What causes Limescale?

Water dissolves lime into itself as it passes through rocks and soils. Water which contains dissolved limestone is said to be hard. When this hard water is heated, the lime reverts back to its solid state, i.e. lime scale, causing scaling problems in kettles, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, immersion heaters, central heating, hot water pipes, etc. It makes them less efficient, and they need to be serviced much more frequently. Also, the scale makes it much more expensive to heat the water.

Hard water also forms a scum which floats on sinks, baths and dishwashers and makes everything more difficult to clean. Tableware, clothes, skin and hair look dull and feel lifeless. More shampoo, washing-up liquid and Calgon are used to counteract the lime scale, which is very hard on the hands and often causes skin problems. It also forms a thin scale or scum that floats on top of tea.

How Does a Limescale Remover Work?

The optimum solution to remove hardness (lime) from your water is to install a Nature's Water Ltd. limescale remover. This will then allow you to have 100% soft water in your premises - NO MORE LIMESCALE! We are a leading provider of limescale removers in Ireland. We can call and install the system for you. Click here for more info. If required we can call to you and assess your premises for location and workings of the system first-hand, Click here for a free call-out. If you would like a full water analysis from the laboratory to ensure that limescale is the only issue click here to arrange a water test

If you would like a full water analysis from the laboratory to ensure that Limescale is the only issue click here to arrange a water test.

The Benefits of Limescale Removal

  • Showering is much more pleasant, the water has a smooth silky feel.
  • Nature's Water Ltd. softened water makes your hair softer and easier to manage.
  • The soft water makes your clothes softer, cleaner and brighter.
  • Your glasses and dishes will clean more easily and sparkle and shine.
  • It saves money on shampoo, washing powder, Calgon and so on.
  • The Nature's Water Ltd. limescale filter removes all existing scale from showers, dishwashers, etc.
  • It also removes ugly staining on shower doors, sinks and baths.
  • It eliminates scale floating on top of tea.
  • It improves the efficiency and performance of heating systems and so reduces the amount of money you spend on electricity.
  • It provides real cost savings in the servicing and replacement of showers, heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.
  • The Nature's Water Ltd. limescale remover will pay for itself many times over, during its lifetime,
  • And finally it adds a bit of luxury to your life.

For an effective limescale filter, contact Nature's Water Ltd. today.

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